Bits and Pieces From a Wet Sunday Standing Outside the Racecourse Gates Peering In


Is covering huge holes in the course proper with grass clippings really best-practice 21t century race track management?

Isn’t dirt usually always brown?

How does it get discoloured?


Which leading Queensland trainer who has lost a few horses lately is screaming blue murder about their new trainers winning races with them, claiming to anyone who will listen that they must be cheating, because no-one can improve a horse that he had.

Is there any coincidence that a certain suspected drench man from the north who worked for the trainer for many years was sacked just two days before alleged drench supplier Dirty Denis Holbeck was arrested by QLD police?

Will the QRIC be making a big announcement this week about changes to mandatory arrival times at metropolitan race tracks?

Would an extra half hour to make it 1.5 before start time be wide of the mark?

Is the purpose of the rumoured changes to allow time for more horses to be pre-race swabbed and tested?

Will the QRIC ever consider bringing back the pre-screen van, the mobile lab that used to come to the track on race day and perform indicative tests of results before the horses lined up to start?

How did the NSW Northern Rivers Stewards possibly believe that their official report into the boat race at Casino last week would slip through?

Why did the Stewards Patrol film change for just that one race?

Why did it miss the vital 70 metres in the race where Kirk Matheson hit the skids on the fave and almost strangled it?

In the wake of the discussions at the recent trainers meeting with QRIC, can anyone explain exactly why pre-race tests are still not being conducted at certain TAB meetings?

Or why there has been no swab attendant at a number of recent Central Queensland race meetings?

What would the results be if certain swabs that were supervised by the Stewards in that region were retested to match them against the DNA of the horses they purportedly were taken from?

Was that a senior QRIC veterinary official seen urinating in a swab stall (again) on the weekend?

How many hundreds of BRC members, infuriated by having to pay a full year’s fees when they haven’t been allowed on the track for months, intend not to renew their membership for the coming season?

After slashing and stashing millions of dollars of prize money since COVID-19 hit, Racing QLD chief Pins Parnell surely won’t grandstand by boasting about how he got RQ’s books back in the black. Will he?

Has the Australian Pacing Gold overplayed its hand in the battle with Nutrien Equine for the monopoly on standardbred yearling sales?

Will Club Menangle be named as a joint respondent in a wide reaching series of legal actions alleging that the two organisations – which are both chaired by the same person – conspired to injure its competitor?

Wasn’t it great to see former top apprentice Matt Gray ride a treble at Cloncurry today? Good on him.

Does trainer John Zielke really expect anyone to believe that his winning strike rate dropped from the mid-twenties prior to Wayne Holbeck’s arrest down to just 7 percent, all because he could no longer buy saline (salt water) drenches from the king?

Does Zielke truly believe that we are all that stupid?

Are the whispers that AQUIS removed one of its top-line juveniles from a certain Gold Coast stable because the stud was worried that the star colt might lose his future breeding barn lustre if its trainer was associated with horse doping practices?

Why would AQUIS be worried about such a thing?

Will Baylee Nothdurft be stripped of all his wins in the three months after the Vega One ride – and indeed the premiership – if his three month ban for the hook job is confirmed down the track by QCAT?

Which North Queensland trainer is said to be less than impressed with the lack of vigour shown by his usually robust with the whip rider aboard a very heavily backed commodity at a provincial TAB meeting during the week?

How does a stayer resuming over six furlongs pull its head off in the run anyway?

Is one leading race club planning a mass wave of redundancies in the coming months?

Are the rumours correct that the only thing holding the club back is a lack of liquid assets with which to pay the employees redundancy entitlements?

Will the growing rumblings in club committee rooms about the delay in RQ striking a broadcast deal outside of Brisbane turn into a roar once the details of the agreement that is close to finalisation become known?

Is there a reshuffle of the desks in the Stewarding department of the QRIC on the cards?


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