A Very Unwise Move

Club Menangle Industry Notice

26 June 2020

Club Menangle wishes to update the harness racing industry as to the current status of discussions with Nutrien Equine with regard to a request for Club Menangle to host three futurity races to be run in conjunction with a proposed yearling sale in 2022.

As there are a number of rumours circulating within the industry, Club Menangle wishes to ensure transparency as to the current situation.

Nutrien Equine approached Club Menangle in May 2020 seeking agreement to conduct three races in 2022 as part of a proposed futurity series.

Club Menangle responded on 22 May, 2020 and formally advised Nutrien Equine the dates proposed conflicted with the Sky Carnival of Miracles, the Bathurst Gold Crown Series and other existing race commitments through until the end of April 2022.

Accordingly, Club Menangle asked Nutrien Equine to submit potential dates post April 2022.

A further request was received from Nutrien Equine dated 19 June, 2020 seeking Club Menangle’s consideration to hosting its proposed Futurity Races between 11 March and 29 April, 2022.

The Board of Club Menangle considered the 19 June request at the Board meeting held on 25 June, 2020.

Club Menangle has reiterated the comments made in the earlier letter to Nutrien Equine indicating the dates requested are unavailable in the metropolitan racing calendar at Club Menangle, for the reasons originally advised.

In its response, Club Menangle emphasised no racing at Club Menangle would be countenanced in March of any year, which might impact on the promotion and conduct of the Bathurst Gold Crown Carnival. Club Menangle remains committed to supporting the Bathurst Gold Crown as the first Group One 2 Year Old race series held in the New South Wales Racing Calendar.

Nutrien Equine has been again asked to submit potential dates, post April 2022. A number of other requests for information have also been sought from Nutrien Equine.

Club Menangle is the premier harness racing track in New South Wales and accordingly it is our desire to conduct any race series of significance at our venue. However, in order for this to occur, the placement of any new series must work in with existing commitments.

As at this time, in the absence of potential dates post April 2022 and the additional information requested by Club Menangle, the harness racing industry should note the Nutrien Equine request currently remains unresolved.

For more information in relation to this media release please contact Club Menangle Chief Executive, Bruce Christison, on (02) 46 45 2200

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