What Have the Warriors Got Against Tackling?


You’ve got a few problems as a coach when an opposition hooker is smashing his way to the try line through three of your big forwards, and doing it from a standing start, don’t you?

Steve Kearney was a great player, and was also an excellent assistant coach, but he was never really going to make an A-Grade coach on his own was he? His record at all levels is appalling.

I personally put it down to shell-shock from the time Maggie’s brother Jason Donnelly, then playing wing for St George and the Kiwis, took him over a balcony at a pub in France.

The true story about how Kearney tried to pinch Jase’s bourbon, and then made the bad mistake of trying to throw the former Olympic decathlete over the balcony, and found himself going with him, and first, has never quite been told, but no-one at the time wanted to stuff up the personal injury payouts against the hotel, so it’s no surprise.

Kearney’s 35% win record in five years as an NRL coach isn’t either, and his sacking was probably justified, although respect and common decency suggests that it should have been done either at the start of the season or the end.

But you can’t blame Kearney for a team of professional footy players who can’t hold the ball for a full set, and simply refuse to tackle; and when you’ve got a got a hooker in Brandon Smith running straight over the top of your Hercules sized Kiwi international prop Adam Blair, what can you really say, other than pack up bags and go home

Sco-Mo should do the Warriors a favour and declare them criminals who have desecrated the great of Rugby League, and deport the lot of them.

It won’t affect the draw, because our under 12 Mareeba rep team are ready to step up and take the Warriors place.

They’ll tackle a lot harder too, and hold the ball for full sets, and actually try.

That would be a refreshing change wouldn’t it?

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