Surely They Can’t Be Serious – – Something is Really Rotten in the State of Northern Rivers Racing – Call in the Troops – Eradicate This Infection Before it Spreads



This is the Stewards report from the hottest race in the world, race 2 at Casino on Thursday afternoon.

And here I was for 40 years believing that Alice in Wonderland was the greatest fairy tale that I would ever read.

They would have to be kidding

Or something far worse.

Let’s break it down shall we?

Try not to laugh.


Steadied when tightened between runners shortly after the start.

Does this look to you like a horse that was tightened at the start?

Or like one whose jockey tried to choke it?



Steadied when tightened for room near the 1100m

Um, which horse exactly tightened him?

The one that was one off the fence outside him?

Or the one that was a length and a half in front on the fence?

Why are the Stewards making these stories up?


Travelled keenly from the 1000m and was eased after improving onto heels near the 800m

Now it’s just like we’ve dropped a tab of acid, and it’s starting to kick in.

Sacred Thoughts wasn’t travelling keenly – it was bolting and being restrained.

That observation is just stupid.

The next one is simply criminal.

How do you get onto a horse’s heels when it’s two lengths in front of you?

It would be a good trick, wouldn’t it?


Laid out approaching and passing the 600m

Laid out?


Matheson simply eased Sacred Thoughts off the fence, because it was travelling so boldly despite his effort to strangle it, that he had to, otherwise he would have gone straight over the horse in front.

If you can show me Sacred Thoughts laying out here, I will give you a thousand bucks.


Approaching the 400m was checked after hanging out across the heels of Just One Minute which shifted in slightly

Just suspend reality for a second and imagine that what the Stewards say really happened.

How do you get checked when you hang out across the heels of a horse that shifts in?

Wouldn’t this happen?


It doesn’t really matter.

Sacred Thoughts didn’t hang out over any horse’s heels, and it didn’t get checked either.

Kirk Matheson simply steered it off the track, so he could lose ground.

Lies, lies everywhere, and not a truth to see.


Passing the 200m was hampered and carried wider after laying in slightly onto heels

Well I guess Stevie Wonder might have seen it that way.

I’m not sure how any visually able person could though.

Sacred Thoughts didn’t lay in slightly.

It came in four lengths.

Because Kirk Matheson steered it in.

The Steward did get one thing right though.

Sacred Thoughts did get hampered.

That was the whole idea.


This Stewards report is a crock of nonsense.

The Patrol Film has been tampered with.


Why why why?

Why are the Stewards lying?

Why has the patrol film been manipulated?

What the hell is going on here?

This is red hot.

If its not pulled up right here, right now, then it will turn into a bushfire.

Call in the ICAC investigators.

Stand the Stewards down, and then sack them.

Clean up this filthy, stinking mess.

Over to you Mr V’Landys.

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