Oh My God! – It Wasn’t Just Kirk Matheson – THE FIX IS IN

Jockey Kirk Matheson pulled the heavily backed favourite up in the 2nd race at Casino today.

I’m not going to stuff around with niceties and try to make excuses for the bloke like others will.

Matheson hooked that fave.

It’s obvious to Blind Freddie, and there is no doubt about it all.

He hooked a heavily backed favourite at the Gold Coast one day on October 2015 at the Gold Coast too. and we humans being creatures of habit, he did exactly the same way as he stopped the one today too.

The Split Enz song was satirical, just like a lot of my stories that many people don’t get.

They weren’t telling you that history never repeats.

They were telling you that it always does.

In both boat races Matheson misses the start, or contrives to seem as if he does anyway.

He puts both mounts on the fence, and makes sure they are buried.

A run presents on the turn in both races – on the inside at the Coast, on the outside at Casino – and he doesn’t take it.

At the 200 mark in each race Matheson’s a mile off the leader, and should just sit down and ride it home to make it look like he’s trying.

But Kirk’s pulling them up at the Coast and Casino instead of at Randwick like J-Mac does for a reason, and that reason is that he is a shit jockey, not a gun. He can’t count time, distance and speed in his head like James McDonald can, and because he knows it he lacks confidence when he’s not on the C or MD, which he is never is when riding, only at night, so even at seven off them he’s not sure that it’s far enough.

So instead of putting his his dead and arse up and pulling the whip out, Matheson in both cases takes one last stupid, totally unnecessary measure to make a good thing of a certainty, and gives himself up.

At the Coast it was ignoring a run at wide open as the spaces in the Dixie Chicks song, and staying tucked in the pocket that was no longer there instead.

Today it was running his horse out left, and then steering it at a right angle so it crashes into the horse ahead of him’s rump and stops him dead.

Matheson should be outed for a long time for what he did in this race today, but he should he have been for his twin-like ride at the Coast too.

He was at first, with the Stewards slapping him with three months.

But then he got lucky, or something like that anyway.

The old Racing Disciplinary Board heard his appeal.

It was chaired by lawyer Brock Miller, whose grandad founded the law firm Quinlan, Miller and Treston. The former Chief Streward at the trots Daryl Kays and a Mr G Casey who I do not know of sat with them.

They decided against the evidence before their own eyes, and all the brand of common sense that I drink, that Kirk Matheson wasn’t guilty of a pull up job and cleared him on appeal, wiping both his conviction and his sentence. It was the hottest, or worst – make your own mind up – decision in racing history, if I had been Matheson I would have run straight down to the local church and lit a candle to St Jude, the patron of hopeless causes.

There is no Racing Disciplinary Board to save Matheson this time, but there is still something that might, and I don’t know whether he knew it or not.

The Stewards Patrol has been altered.

Kirk Matheson committed murder.

But b-b-b-baby you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Just watch what happens next.

…. to be continued

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