Nathan Exelby is a Faker, a Flop, a Furphy and a Fool – The First XV Are Only the Third-Grade Warm Up Game – The Main Event is Still to Come

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The two most honest men in racing (above). And Exelby calls Ben Currie a crook ….

John Lingard wrote an excellent article on  yesterday about Courier-Mail racing writer Nathan Exelby appearing on RSN radio and putting shit on the QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett about the press release his QRIC has issued  advising the public that 15 racing licensees had been charged with buying unregulated substances .

In the interview Exelby poured acid scorn on Barnett.

Nathan Exelby is nothing but a fool.

A nobody who can only write stories off press releases or when people feed them to him, but a man too lazy to get off his fat arse and do a bit of basic research work so that he at least has some idea what he is talking about, instead of fawning all over no-good unless they are drenching, lying, cheating, vainglorious poor excuses for trainers and human beings like John Zielke.

Zielke is a bullshit artist from way back, who couldn’t lie straight in bed.

He claims that he was once a bodyguard to the stars.

He wasn’t. He was a contract security guard who managed to get his picture taken with a stoned rock star who walked through the door of the stage entrance he and three others were guarding, and turned it into a fairy tale.

Zielke claimed earlier this year that he’d been offered a place in the Queensland Police Force, and had knocked it back because he wanted to have a crack at training for another year, and had big things ahead.

He was never offered a place in the Police Academy. The man is 58 years old, and suffers from complex health issues, including mental health ones. The coppers wouldn’t touch him if they had gave masks and six inch thick gloves on.

A couple of years back Zielke was running around telling everyone and anyone who would listen to him that Ben Currie was a drug cheat. Now he’s been charged by the Stewards with buying products from exactly the same supplier that he claimed Currie was, and Zielke’s trying to convince the world his were only saline drenches.

Don’t fall for his crap, or the cheat Daryl Hansen’s, or Nathan Exelby’s.

A drench is a liquid administered to a horse by a simple hose or tube run through its nose into its stomach so that it works quickly and effectively.

The reason that horses are drenched is because their body doesn’t allow them to take and digest large quantities of liquids down the throat into the stomach like humans can. It’s nothing sinister, its just the way God built horses.

A saline drench is made up of two ingredients.

Salt and water.

Why would any trainer need to buy salt water from a shady, unregistered supplier who is a convicted criminal and has spent time in jail?

Wouldn’t it just be cheaper and easier to mix some Saxa table salt into a litre of water, cut off a bit of garden hose, and do it yourself?


If you believe a word that John Zielke or Daryl Hansen are saying about saline drenches, then you are not only as silly as they are, but you’re as stupid as Nathan Exelby too.

Just look at what this poor excuse for a journalist had to say on RSN, and allow me to set you straight.

“Ross Barnett is refusing to release further details or comment on the charges”

Ross Barnett is refusing to comment for a very simple reason.

That reason is that the alleged supplier of the unregistered supplements, the convicted criminal Denis Holbeck, is currently facing criminal charges.

If Barnett were to comment on the case he would be in contempt of court under the sub judice rules. He would also damage the prosecution process, and what Exelby and his band of merry fakirs have no idea is going to happen next.

“In terms of people thinking that this would involve a whole lot of positive swabs, well that’s not the case”

Who other than a halfwit like Exelby thought that the case would involve a whole lot of positive swabs?

Certainly not Ross Barnett – he didn’t say it.

No-one did, until Exelby now, and that’s because he is clueless.

The trainers were buying the drenches from Holbeck because they knew THEY WOULDN’T SWAB up positive.

Isn’t that blindingly obvious?

“That it’s around race day treatment. To my knowledge there is no evidence of race day treatment”.

Again, who said it’s about race day treatments?

Certainly not the QRIC or Ross Barnett.

Only Exelby.

Well, he’s right – it is about race day treatment, because the drenches have to be given to the horses two hours before a race, or they don’t work.

Exelby’s also right that to his knowledge there is no evidence of race day treatments, but that is because the QRIC worked him out after LGHR published his drunken Twitter messages laughing at Ross Barnett, at a time when he (Exelby) was getting the first run at all the advance QRIC press releases.

Barnett didn’t become Queensland’s second top cop because he is stupid, and he doesn’t like being laughed at behind his back because he deserves better. If you are going to have a go at Ross Barnett, do it front on like I do when I believe he deserves it, and front your opinion and cop the fall out like a man.

The real reason Exelby has no knowledge of the evidence is because no-one has spoon fed it to him – there is an abiding suspicion in certain circles that he’s a tipster – and he’s too lazy or useless to get off his arse and do what writers like I do by working the phones and trying to find things out.

“In most instances …. (the charges) will only result in fines, as John Zielke and Daryl Hansen indicated in that story”.

So now we are deciding the penalties based on what the guilty parties believe they should be, are we?

Hold the press!

Supreme Court Judge lets convicted mass murderer decide own sentence.

Ivan Milat released on good behaviour bond for Belangalo killings.

Is this clown serious?

Asked why there wouldn’t have been more clarity given regarding the specifics given (by the QRIC) in regard to the specifics of the charges, Exelby says

“Look that’s a question I can’t answer”

Did it ever occur to Exelby that the first wave of charges may not be the last?

Or that the Queensland-wide operation may be continuing?

And that the phones of the charged licensess may be being listened to, to see who (other than their lawyers) they are ringing, and what they have to say to the people they are calling urgently on the phone?

Duh Freddie.

Exelby really is an idiot, isn’t he?

“I’m not going to be critical of the QRIC, but …..”

Then he bags the shit out of them.

This guy is an absolute fucking idiot.

Let me tell you 20 things that Exelby doesn’t know, but that I do:

  1. The only media releases he is being advanced from the QRIC these days are the ones they want people to know, and take my word for it they are not the important ones.
  2. Ross Barnett trusts Nathan Exelby about as much as he trusts Ben Currie, and if the truth be known – and it will – he should trust the Tornado a whole lot more;
  3. The 15 licensees charged are the thin edge of the wedge;
  4. The details that led to the charges came from phone taps, computer intercepts; covert surveillance operations, planted bugs, and documents, records and accounts seized by police from Denis Holbeck under a lawfully executed warrant;
  5. These taps, intercepts and surveillance operations didn’t start yesterday;
  6. There were somewhere in the vicinity of 120 – 140 customers names, details and purchase records in the documents seized under these warrants;
  7. A large number of the people going by these names have been recorded speaking to, or communicating with, Holbeck;
  8. They are predominantly licensees, and their registered addresses stretch from the Tweed River almost to Cooktown;
  9. Some of the people names are very, very well known, within the racing industry and without;
  10. Only the little fish – the small time desperates and the big mouths like Zielke – have been charged;
  11. The reason that they are the only ones who have been charges is not that they are the only ones who will be, but rather because they are the fools most likely to ring one of the bigger fish that the QRIC wish to fry, and help with the cooking;
  12. John Zielke is as guilty as sin;
  13. His son-in-law has lagged him up, and told all;
  14. None of the 15 charges has been charged for drenches. They just mistakenly assume that they have;
  15. What the charges really relate to are the needles that go with the drenches;
  16. There are hundreds of hours of surveillance footage and phone recordings;
  17. There are texts, emails and social media messages too;
  18. Anyone who underestimates Ross Barnett and believes that he is going to make the same mistakes that he did when new to the racing industry, and very poorly advised, is an absolute fool;
  19. Anyone who believes that this first round of rule breach charges is the last is an even bigger fool;
  20. Exelby himself might even figure in the surveillance records and images when the whole thing comes to its grand conclusion.

I made the mistake of underestimating Ross Barnett once.

I was told not to, but I didn’t listen, and I greatly regret it now.

Not because of what happened to me. You go into these things with your eyes open. and if you are stepping into a boxing ring and launching a flurry of punches, you have to be prepared to get hit back too.

No, I regret underestimating Commissioner Ross Barnett because I hate making mistakes and being wrong, and when I find out that I am I realise that I was being disrespectful.

Nathan Exelby will one day pretty soon too.

Don’t you worry about that.

He will be doing enough of it for all of us.

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