Archie Lands Another US Harness Winner in the Big Apple – Any Trot Lover With a Spare Quid Who Doesn’t Join the Winners Circle is a Mug

I’m a member of  Winner’s Circle Racing, a syndicate of harness racing lovers who race a bunch of horses in the USA.

You can buy into it for whatever amount you like, big, medium or small.

The boys who run the syndicate, Charles Longo and Matt Zuccarello, are straight and honest, and do a wonderful job indeed, and if you love pacing it’s the most fun you will ever have, and along the way you get to meet a whole bunch of amazing people too, including all the biggest names in the US game.

We were winning everywhere before the virus hit.

But racing is back, and so are we.


The kids family trust owns a leg or two of last night’s Yonkers winner One Off Delight.

He’s not one-off.

Delight’s a gift that keeps on giving.

So is Winner’s Circle Racing.





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