From Riding into Town in the Beamer to Riding Out on a Goat – There is No Room For Mistakes Like This, When You Are Sailing on a Boat

This is race 2 at Casino today.

The horse in the yellow cap is Sacred Thoughts.

It has been backed off the map, from an early quote of $5 into $2.35.

Sacred Thoughts rider is Kirk Matheson.

In his ten-year career in the saddle Matheson has ridden in only 1800 races, at an average of 180 mounts a year.

That means he has earned approximately $36 000 per year in riding fees, less commissions to his jockey agent.

During that same ten years Matheson has ridden the winners of $3.5 million in prize money.

Jockeys receive a winning fee of 5% of the prize purse, meaning that Matheson has earned approximately $175 000 in winning percentages during his career, an average of $17 500 per year.

$36 000 plus $17 500 = $53 500.

Matheson may have earned up to about $20 000 extra per year if he had worked extra-hard in the mornings and ridden half a dozen horses in work each day, but this is not known to be the case.

It is safe to assume that his annual earnings are in the vicinity of no more than $70 000, or $1400 a week before tax, at the maximum.

Kirk Matheson drives a late model BMW, travels frequently, holidays in resorts, and lives in a rather nice apartment by the beach.

He has ridden one winner from his last 50 rides.

Its not the winners that have paid for Kirk Matheson’s BMW and his nice lifestyle.

Watch the race, and see what Matheson does to the favourite.

As long as you have at least one eye, you won’t need to me to explain it to you.

I suspect that jockey Matheson may soon be taking a long holiday, a very long one.

This one won’t be planned I’m sure.

But the reason he will be taking it was.

Watch the video.

I reckon Matheson should be the one on the other side of the fence.

How about you?

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One thought on “From Riding into Town in the Beamer to Riding Out on a Goat – There is No Room For Mistakes Like This, When You Are Sailing on a Boat”

  1. Still should have won, so he hooked it on to one rein and pulled the stick on that side to really get it off balance, in the straight.
    Old trick that one, mastered by jocks of the past. I could cite examples, but it may be litigious .
    Not even clever, but there won’t be much said.
    Makes you wonder how they keep getting rides, but maybe someone else involved ??


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