Queensland’s Return to the Race Track Protocols Get Ripped Up Three Days After They Were Agreed – You and I Care About Racing and the People In It – Why Don’t These Peanuts Posing as People?



This is the Kilcoy races on Tuesday afternoon.

The Australian flag is flying.

We’re all in this together, this fight against the killer Coronavirus, and so far we are winning, because we’ve all been holding up our end and doing the right thing.

I would be un-Australian to do otherwise.

This is Racing Queensland’s COVID-19 plan, ticked off by the government.

It’s our plan too.

We need to follow it, so we can keep racing going, and get our arses back to the track.


These are three barrier attendants at Kilcoy who aren’t doing the right thing.

What the hell is wrong with them?

Every man and his dog knows about social distancing and the 1.5 metre rule.

These dangerous clowns are defying the rules, for no seeming reason at all, other than that they don’t appear to give a toss.

They are doing it in full view of their bosses, the club, Racing Queensland and the QRIC Stewards, and no one is doing a damn thing about it.


No-one is doing anything to pull up these six selfish imbeciles down below either, even though they are standing there in full view of the race day officials, and have been standing there far too close together for at least the first half of the card.

If anyone contracts Coronavirus at a Queensland racecourse the effects could be catastrophic.

Patrons will be banned, anyone who has been in contact with the virus carrier will be banned, non-essential industry participants will be banned, and in a worse case scenario all of racing in the State could stop, casting tens of thousands out of work.

In an even more catastrophic scenario the carrier could pass the disease to others, and they might die.

All because fools like this don’t give a flying toss for the rules that bind their industry, their State, and their nation.

These peanuts are a disgrace, to themselves and to us all.

The racing officials who struck an agreement with the government to start letting people back to the track under strict health-directive based conditions, and then stand idle as clowns like this six give them and the whole of racing the middle finger, they are a disgrace too, and they are not doing their jobs or keeping their promises either.

The Kilcoy club needs to be hauled over the coals for the mismanagement of social isolation on the course.

Racing Queensland CEO Pins Parnell needs to be hauled before the Minister, and directed to please explain.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett needs to call every member of the Stewards Panel into his office and rip strips off them, and demand to know what the hell they thought they were doing by doing nothing.

The rest of us just need to march up to these people who clearly don’t about our families or us, and tell them to get moving, and rack right off the course.

The name and details of all these mugs should have been recorded under the protocols.

Track them down, and warn them off.

We don’t need their kind here.




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