They Always Do it First at the Dogs – That Because Greyhound People Do it Better – Two Sleeps ‘Til We Get Back to the Track – Eat Your Heart Out Australia


While every other code dithers, and dreams of flocks, and draws their mates names out of hats to be 2 each in the 20 allowed on course in splendid isolation to keep the forty staff catering to the Committee men happy, the real people get the job done.

That’s because the people who run the dogs always do it better.

You don’t need me to tell you that of course – the numbers speak for themselves.

Turnover – up 50%, from Sweet Fanny Adams to almost a billion.


Profit – 20% net, compared to losses for the gallops and trots.

Debt – nil except trade creditors, while the other codes are drowning.

Investments – large and rising, while the other racing industries have none.

Crowds – big and getting bigger, and they don’t even have to make their employees walk through the turnstiles 100 times each a day to jack the figures.


Build it, and they will come.

Luke Gatehouse at HQ, JC Catton at Capalaba, the good people out at Ipswich, the great folk up at Bundy, and the smiling volunteers at Rocky and Townsville have all pulled their weight, and made their industry solid, and its participants proud.

That’s because the people who run the dogs don’t have any vested interests, and their motives are pure. They just love their sport and care.

On Thursday night the Albion Park Greyhound Club will be the first racing venue in the nation to welcome the crowds back in.

They will do it properly of course.

Look at the scoreboard, they always do.

The people will come, and they will be kept safe while being catered to like they should be and as they deserve.

Like Kings and Queens.

They will leave smiling, and tell everyone they meet how good it was to be back, and the next week they will return, and more will come with them, and week after week it will build, and before you know it, it will be like no-one has ever been away at all.

Things will be different of course, but that’s okay.

The more great things change, the more their heart and soul really stays the same.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this historic moment.

First in the whole of Australia to open the gates again and the fans into the house hey?

What else would you expect?

They couldn’t kill the dogs with an atom bomb, even though they tried.

We’re back.

And you’re not.

Follow our lead.

Head off to the Creek on Thursday night.

Just make sure you give Luke and the crew a ring to book first.

It’s going to be a full house.

Don’t miss out on a great night full of racing and fun.

We won’t be.


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