We Are a Long Way From Out of the Woods Yet

Coronavirus: La segunda oleada de la gripe española de 1918 fue la ...

We may all be getting a tad complacent about the Coronavirus I reckon.

History shows that the second wave of pandemics are always far more deadly than the first, and spread faster and wider too.

At the time Queensland closed its borders just over 100 000 people across the globe had died from Coronavirus.

Today the global death toll stands at almost half a million, and is rising fast.

That figure is for certain understated too, for under-developed countries aren’t testing properly or reporting the figures right.

Bugger business, tourism and trade.

My wife was forced to close her two shops when the tourists stopped coming, and our income has fallen through the floor.

But you can’t have a business if you are dead.

We don’t want anyone but Queenslanders in Queensland right at the moment. Our health and lives are more important than anything else in the world.

Keep the borders closed.

Australia is a wealthy country, and in Queensland we have plenty of precious minerals still sitting in the ground ready to be mined. The Government can support it’s people until the real all-clear sounds. After all, they are only representatives of us, it is their duty to make sure that we are okay.

If it means the nation has to go into deep debt, well that’s just the way the COVID-19 cookie crumbles.

We can always make up the deficit by ratcheting GST up to 12.5 percent.

If the State goes into debt we simply ratchet up mining taxes and royalty rates.

It’s a simplistic solution, but it is do-able, and it’s not very hard.

Don’t believe the hype.

We are long way from out of the woods yet.


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