The Former King of the Brisbane Rails Gets the Bacon But Misses the Price – Never Mind Son, Little Fish Are Sweet

You just can’t keep a good man down, and you can’t keep a bad man down either.

I don’t think the Former King of the Brisbane Rails ring is either, even though I love the bloke like a tube of Daktarin when you’ve got thrush. He falls somewhere in the middle, on the good side in my ledger, but not in everyone’s. On the average consensus of opinions – most of them jaundiced – the King falls somewhere in the middle.

Well it seems that you can’t keep the average down either, for after a quiet period spending his time in splendid social isolation with two laptops and three other patrons standing 50 metres apart at the trots, followed by a long period stuck indoor with her indoors, the King is back, and today at Doomben he strode the stage resplendent in his gown of gold woven purple ermine and a crown full of jewels.

They say when his horse Sofie’s Gold won the second at Doomben yesterday the King might have won a few more too, but I know that this scandalous gossip is not quite true.

Yes, the classy six-year-old mare who has grown a leg since the King took Archie’s advice and told the trainer to put a Butterfly bit on it was backed for plenty, but I’m not 100% sure that the King was the one taking the top odds.

In fact, my mail is that the client list of the secretive but highly respected Sunshine Coast clocker, video man and form analyst The Concreter might have got there first.

I don’t pay for the cement man’s service – I can’t bloody afford the vig – but he does slip me the odd early tip for the Brisbane races on a Wednesday night, and Sofie’s Gold Class came with 5 stars attached to her name, and a couple of ticks too.

The Concreter has a good bet but not a great one – it’s hard to have one on when you’re an animal welfare tragic and keep taking in horses that can’t give you a return because they’re being rehomed and can’t run – but some of the people who subscribe to his very exclusive tip list are, and the word is that they knocked off the top odds and got plenty.

I’m sure the King won’t be too worried though. After all, he’s used to unders, he used to dish them out all the time back in the days when he was twiddling knobs and yelling out insults to punters from high on the number 1 stand.

And as old Uncle Terry always said, little fish are sweet.

Big fish are sweeter of course, but you can’t have everything, and at least the King got the prizemoney.

I wonder if Mrs King might get a sling this week on top of her $100 grocery, petrol and living allowance?

Nah, don’t be silly.

Open a crack and a swarm will come through it, just as the King used to say.

Well done old mate.

Great ride, great training performance, great early snatch by the Concreter.

LG, life’s good.

Giddy up!

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