What Was That Chris Munce Said About Suing Archie? – Hurry Up Son, We’re Waiting


Chris Munce was running around town a month ago threatening to sue this website after we came out and said he hadn’t paid his worker’s super and owed the tax man a fortune in unpaid BAS related tax.

Muncie came out all guns blazing, denying it like hell, calling Archie Butterfly and Lucky Lingard liars, and threatening to sue our arses off and send us to the poor house.


This author gave up backing down to bullies a long, long time ago, and whether they make threats to sue or bash or kill, just laughs in their face.

Shooters don’t talk, and talkers don’t shoot.

Only an idiot thinks otherwise.

Well, now we know who was right and who was wrong don’t we?

Good on you Chris.

Go and rip someone else off son, you won’t be getting me.

I can spot a convicted and jailed crook coming a mile away, and because I grew up on the track in and around them they don’t bother me in the slightest.

If Muncie has half a brain he would have asked his top bloke of a bodyguard and best mate Pete – Junior – whether he and I had known each other since our teens, and whether Archie was his union rep at the Railways back in the day, and had walked through through the Central Station tunnel with him in the dark looking for safety hazards.

He should have asked Junior about the old Banyo days, and about his Dad and Archie’s Mum going to school together too, because he might have learned a few things about threatening people from tough stock who don’t scare too.

It’s too late now though.

Chris Munce has dug his own hole, and now he – or his phoenix company – owes the Australian taxpayer and his loyal workers near on half a million dollars. Good work mate, we really need people like you in racing.

Why is Munce still in racing, that’s the real question?

Phoenixing is the oldest dodgy company owner or director’s trick in the book.

How it works is simple.

You set up a company structure that puts your business at arm’s length from your personal wealth and all your investment properties, take all the fees payable from your clients – in this case, Munce’s owners – pay the essentials like feed bills, get the company to pay you a huge salary as a staffer, even though you own it, don’t pay your staff’s super or the quarterly tax you owe to the people of Australia, hold out for as long as you can before those you owe come knocking, delay it a bit further by not answering the door when they do, then when the gravy train runs out just fold up the company and put it into administration, then start another one under bowler names the next day, sign a contract with the new company that’s really just the old one under a name to pay yourself an increased salary, and sail along on your merry way.

It’s what all the crims do, and it’s exactly what Chris Munce has done.

Never forget that Archie was a senior union official for near on 20 years, and a damned good one too. Been there, seen that, done that all before.

Muncie told Nathan Exelby it was just a business restructure, and that poor excuse for a journalist swallowed it hook line and sinker.

Not this little black duck.

I was the only the only one with the brains and the balls to put it on the line and tell it like it was.

You can’t fool me son, some may have come down in the last shower, but not this writer.

Now that the truth that I told you all two months ago has been confirmed, the thing I want to know is how Chris Munce continues to hold a trainer’s license.

How does a bloke who owes the taxpayer more than $400 000 that he deliberately didn’t pay pass the character test to hold any sort of license?

Ben Currie has been charged with aggravated fraud for allegedly cheating Racing Queensland to win prizemoney.

Tony and Maddy Sears are about to be arrested for the same thing and more, with the charges against them set to include drug and customs offences, and a whole raft of betting stuff on top.

But the convicted and jailed criminal Chris Munce takes everyone for a ride, and he just smiles and winks and keeps on going.

You would have to be kidding wouldn’t you?

Racing Queensland must be kidding.

The QRIC must be kidding.

The Racing Minister’s office must be kidding too.

I don’t care how many people mistakenly think Muncie is a good bloke, or how well-connected he is, or how many powerful owners he has on side – Munce has no place in modern racing.

All he does is bring our great sport into disrepute.

Kick him to touch, I say.

And do it bloody soon.

Keeping a tight rein

The Australian Taxation Office was the biggest of the eight creditors who virtually attended the recent creditors meeting of Munce Racing, the company headed by horse trainer Chris Munce.

The ATO is owed $415,000 after the training operations company fell into administration in April.

Bloodstock auctioneers William Inglis & Sons are owed $37,000, along with spelling and agistment firms.

The 23-minute Skype meeting considered entering into a deed of company agreement.

Munce continues to train and race after getting the green light from the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission.

However, he didn’t fare well at the weekend as the filly Papaya was euthanised after breaking down.


2 thoughts on “What Was That Chris Munce Said About Suing Archie? – Hurry Up Son, We’re Waiting”

  1.  keep up the good work Archie really enjoy everything you write I have followed racing for 73 years all the bestregardsJim Curran


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