WARNING – This Story Contains Graphic Language and Gut-Churning Images of Horrendous Animal Abuse – If There is Any Integrity at All in Queensland Racing, the Jockey Who Bashed This Innocent Horse Has to be Warned Off the Track For Life

There are some stories that I really feel sick writing.

This is one of them.

Would you grab a leather belt, lift it high above your head, bring it down and around sideways so that you get full force, and smash it on your child’s neck?

Would you?

Would you do it to your dog?

Or your cat?

Would you?

Would you do it to a lamb?

Or a calf?

Or a horse?

Would you?

Jockey Chris Whiteley did.

Rockhampton, Saturday, Race 6.

This grub lifted his whip up high, almost to the vertical.


He tensed his muscles, then brought it down.

Roundhouse, with full force.


I’m not going to show you where he hit the horse, because there might be kids reading, and this is an R-rated horror story.

Just use your imagination.

He won’t be smacking it on the rump or quarters from there, will he?

Not unless he rewrites the laws of physics.

Then Whiteley does it again.


Up over the shoulder.



I feel sick.


It’s not over yet.

It’s not even intermission.

Whiteley does it again.






This time he has the horse’s neck hauled around sideways, so that it’s tensed and it hurts more, and the spot’s wide open so he can’t miss.



Go and get some popcorn.

There is another three to come.

I’m not going to show them to you because they make my guts churn.

Watch them on the replay at the top, and if you don’t know how to do it yourself then get the kids or grandkids to slow it down for you.

Ask them to get you a swear jar, a box of tissues and a spew bucket too.

This is one of the most disgraceful acts of animal cruelty that I have ever seen on a racetrack.

This bastard is flaying a fucking horse full force on the side of its neck.

He’s not whipping it.

He’s flogging it.

Someone should tie this prick Whiteley to a tree, tie a belt around his neck and pull it hard to one, and let us smash him with a leather stick on the soft spot just under the ear too.

There would be a queue lined up from Callaghan Park to Caloundra to do it.

So what did the Stewards say and do about it.


Absolutely fucking nothing.

Excuse the swear words, but what I am writing about and what I have just seen make me so fucking angry that I have no other describing words to say.

The Stewards that officiated at Rockhampton on Saturday should all be sacked, as soon as they get to work this morning, and without notice.

Chris Whiteley should be thrown out of racing on his head, warned off for life.

He should never be allowed near any kind of animal again.

Whiteley should be charged with animal cruelty and abuse, so that a judge should decide how long he goes to jail for.

And anyone who disagrees with me can fuck right off now, and never read come back to read this site again.

Your kind aren’t welcome here.

Chris Whiteley’s kind aren’t welcome anywhere.

The Caboolture doggers might have him.

I wouldn’t piss on his shoes.

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