Mass Exodus From the Toby and Trent Edmonds Stable Suggests That All is Not Well in Paradise

Toby and Trent Edmonds to target Sydney features

Usually when a trainer wins Queensland’s biggest Group 1 race the Stradbroke Handicap, and trains the winner of another Group 2 the Magic Millions Roses the next week, owners start flooding through their doors, but Trent and Toby Edmonds amazing run of feature race success appears to have had the opposite effect, with large scale owners removing their horses from the stable in droves.

Leading owners AQUIS and Mark Sowerby, the disgraced former businessman and one-time thoroughbred representative on the Racing Board who is linked with Blue Sky Bloodstock, have reportedly moved, or an in the process of moving, and large number of horses from the Edmonds stable, for reasons at the moment unstated, if not unknown.

It has become common knowledge over the past 24 hours that star juvenile Wisdom of Water has been transferred to the Mick Price and stable in Melbourne, but what is less known is that over the past week Sowerby has progressively been removing his large number of horses from the Edmonds barn and transferring them to other trainers, in particular to the stables of little known Northern NSW trainer Edward O’Rourke, a young horseman who came to prominence by virtue of a short-lived partnership with Michael Freedman, and is now training on the Murwillimbah track currently prepared by the disappearing man Mick Goodie.

The reasons for the mass exodus from the Edmonds stable of horses owned by well-connected leading Queensland racing identities is unknown at this stage, but the cynics around the tracks are suggesting that the Fungs and Sowerby may know something that others at this stage don’t, and that some highly explosive news may soon be about to hit the headlines.

All we can say at this stage is that we have been suggesting certain things in our articles for weeks, and that wethinks that when we published our exclusive story about the mass-scale easrly morning QRIC visit paid to the Edmonds Gold Coast stable a fortnight ago, Trent Edmonds did protesteth just a tad too much.

As always, watch this space.

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