I Guess in Queensland Racing It’s Okay to Go to Work and Give Your Defenceless Colleague an Impromptu Liverpool Kiss That Could Have Killed Him – No It’s Not, Not Ever – It’s an Absolute and Utter Disgrace – Luke Tarrant Should Be Thrown Out of Racing on His Head


Where in the world could a convicted ice, coke and ketamine abuser and receiver of stolen goods go to work in the morning, gratuitously head butt his 24 year older work colleague and near knock him out in full view of his boss, smile and wink at his team as he pisses off early, and then rock up at the office the next morning with his headphones on and his druggie music blaring, sign on, sit down, and be allowed to work throughout the day as if nothing at all had ever happened?

Nazi Germany perhaps, or apartheid-era South Africa if you were white and the head-butted bloke was black, or perhaps even in the Kremlin; but not too many more places that I can think of, other than one.

Queensland racing.

Luke Tarrant is a scumbag who sells drugs to kids, takes stolen goods as payment, and walks around assaulting people just because they annoy him. I appreciate that the now 25-year-old grown man has had some really tough issues to deal with in his own life, but others have too, and they don’t go around callously turning youngsters with the world at their feet into junkies.

Tarrant lost his rag and headbutted a defenceless 49-year-old Larry Cassidy fair in the face in the scales area at the track a couple of months ago.

I’m not for a second saying that Larry wouldn’t have dropped the little turd if it had been a fair fight. In fact I’m certain that he would have, despite the age gap. But Cassidy never had the chance. He was simply weighing in after a race when a verbal with Tarrant erupted, and the much younger cheap shot merchant when bam without giving him any warning or chance to put his hands up and defend himself.

If someone with Tarrant’s criminal record did that to a stranger in the Valley Mall he’d be locked up and the police would be vigorously objecting to his being granted bail. But here he is viciously assaulting a fellow rider in full view of the officials charged with ensuring that racing has the utmost integrity, and not a single one of these Stewards report the matter to the cops.

That’s bad, real bad, but what QCAT just did is even worse.

They gave Tarrant a stay, and allowed him a free ticket to keep on riding.


How the hell can racing let this happen?

The Minister Pounds Stirling has the power under Section 45 of the Racing Act to direct Racing Queensland to throw this scumbag rabbit punching head butter out of racing.

If he has any respect at all for every racing participants right to go to work and come home unmolested, he will invoke that power right now.

I don’t care how talented the arrogant little prick might be, or how hard he has had it in life. It’s no-one else’s fault, and it’s not their problem. It’s Luke Tarrant’s, and he has no right to take out his anger on any innocent one else.

It’s a disgrace that he is allowed to continue riding.

Luke Tarrant should be thrown out of racing on his head.



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