The Whip Rule Breaches That the Stipes at Atrocious Farm on Saturday Got Right – And the Communication With Experts Rules That They Didn’t

Luke Dittman is clearly guilty of breaching the rule in Race 5.

He hits Shraaoh eight times before the 100 metre mark.

Guilty as sin, bang to rights, and a vivid demonstration that Dittman Jr doesn’t know how to ride imported UK horses, because everyone who does the videos knows that they respond better to vigorous hands and heels riding from about the 800 metre mark, and Shraaoh does too.

Dittman only cops a $200 fine.


Jag Guthmann-Chester is even guiltier in the next race.

He hits Bandipur 10 times before the hundred.

Guthmann-Chester only gets fined $200 too.

WTF again?

Do you get less of a fine the more times you smack your horse or something?

Jimmy Orman is good for the fine in race 7 (at top) too.

He hits Cellargirl 8 times before the 100.

Orman cops $300.

In the same race Jake Bayliss whips Miss Penfold 7 times.

$200 fine for him.

Tegan Harrison goes one over and hits Dee Day Diva 6 times, although the last one is marginal and simply an error of judgement because it happens about 5 metres before the 100 line.

$300 fine for her.

Moving along to race 8, and here’s the kid Orman that I regard as a bit like the gay son I never had getting in trouble again, the little shit.

Jimmy reckons he accidentally hit Niccanova nine times; I say that with the blood up after getting belted out of a win by Fradd in the Straddie he deliberately did it seven. Either way it doesn’t matter. He breached the rule.

$300 and thanks for coming Monty.

So to the last, and Dale Smith strikes Jen Rules eight times.

Smith cops $300.

I really like the bloke, and reckon he’s a great jockey, but he should have copped eight with the stick himself for deliberately drifting Jen Rules four or five off the fence thinking it was the best ground, when clearly the inside where the winners came up and beat him was.

Dale got fooled by the winner Gaulois shifting out to the same position, and Niccanova, Military Zone and Silvera flying down the middle,  but with the exception of Silvera they were all in single figures in the betting, and Gollan’s horse was only $21 because it drew barrier 15.

What he should have been watching is the effort of the shot duck Best of Days – who was only in it to get Gaulois the right weight – to carry the grandstand and get beat less than a half-length, and the finishes of the two totally outclassed $31 shots La Pulga and Kaonic along the fence.

This is why the no mobile phone or contact with anyone while on track rule is absolutely stupid. A jockey can spend all week with a form analyst like me working out the maps and the lanes, but when they get to the course on race day and the bias starts to shift they are not allowed to anyone there to help them, and so make totally understandable mistakes in the read like Smith did.

It’s sort of like letting a defendant in a court case get advice from a lawyer and barrister, and then barring the person’s legal team from coming into court on the day. Just absurd.

The excuse is that the jocks might punt or be swayed by punters, but there is a simple answer to that. Just tape the riders calls while they are there. They have nothing to hide, and everything to gain by some proper professional advice, and the connections of the horses they ride do too.

You don’t hire a chippie to fix your blocked drain do you, or a mechanic to build you a wall? So why does anyone expect a jockey to do a speed mapping form analyst who can’t ride horses job? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

Then again, neither does the parity between the fines handed out to the guilty at Atrocious Farm on Saturday, and the $500 given to Robbie Fradd.

And Jason Taylor and Justin Huxtable just got robbed.

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