It’s Good To Know That Someone’s Reading – It’s Even Better to Know That We’re Trying to Get Things Fixed


By virtue of sheer chance and proximity, we learned late Saturday afternoon that the old mare Adayondek – one of the visiting country trainer Ben Loakes horses that the bent as a dogs hind leg BRC executive Matt Rudolph wanted to cast out onto the street – hadn’t raced at Gayndah as the Racing Queensland site promised us, but had been instead at home nibbling sugar cube out my palm.

We wrote to you about the perplexing issue of a horse being in a stable rugged up for winter could simultaneously be running 30.4 lengths second last in a race at Gayndah (gee the last horse must have been slow), end expressed our amazement at the old champ’s seemingly impossible feat.

Well the bizarre mystery is now solved, or sort of anyway, and if its not now it will be soon, as long as Chief Steward Chadwick is prepared to share with us the report that the Stewards on the day are going to prepare and send to him, just so the Chief might make sense of the insensible, and work out how the whole balls up occurred.

It’s a minor jellyfish in a big ocean, but if you get the little things right the big things tend to take care of themselves, so its good to see that the QRIC Stewards have picked up on our story and tried to sort the whole thing out, with a view to ensuring that a silly slip-up like this never, ever happens again.

All power to them we say.

This is the reason we write about racing, to put some sort of balance into the scratch my back I will scratch yours sort of reporting about the sport that had invaded racing for too many years to even remember now.

Robust criticism and the right to make it are the cornerstones of our democracy, and what makes Australia great.

It’s good to know that someone is reading your ramblings too.

A whole lot of people are right now.

Let’s all use the forum we’ve created to move the game forward, and do as much as we can that’s real good.

This is our sport and it matters.

Getting it right does too.

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