It Must Run in the Family -Tom Waterhouse Smashes the Gambling Advertising Laws into a Million Pieces Too


This is the NSW law relating to third party advertising on behalf of wagering operators.

This is a message that Tom Waterhouse sent within the past 48 hours to each of the 80 000 people that he claims subscribe to his tipping service (the majority are not paying customers, but have merely fallen for the old marketing ruse of signing up for free for a limited number of free bets each day, and have provided Tom with their contact details and a small printed privacy waiver so that he may use them).


Tom Waterhouse is a third party.

He has communicated and published a prohibited gambling advertisement on behalf of

It is a prohibited advertisement because it contains an inducement for punters to join the wagering provider, that inducement being 5 bet boosts.

In order to prove that Tom Waterhouse has broken the law, NSW officials from the Office of Liquor and Gaming need to establish that the man coloquially known as Tom.Com has either

(a) entered into an agreement to communicate or publish the advertisement; or

(b) published or communicated the advertisement for a benefit.

This should not prove too a difficult task, but it might take a little longer than usual, because I vaguely suspect other investigative parties from outfits like ASIC may wish to join this party too.


Oh, it’s a good story, one definitely worth reading.

Stay tuned sportsfans, and watch this space.

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