Ring In!


Stewards! Stewards!

There’s a ring in at Gayndah!

I was just down at Hendra earlier this arvo having a chat to trainer Ben Loakes and his better half Sarah, and was giving a few horses a pat, a kiss and a cuddle while I was there.

One of the horses I was kissing was Adayondeck, who was having a day off the deck after being scratched early this morning from its engagement in the fifth at Gayndah.

Well that’s what me, Sarah and Ben thought anyway, but it appears we were wrong, and the three of us are still scratching our heads wondering how the hell the old mare teleported herself to Gayndah to get beaten 30.4 lengths, and then back to her new Brisbane stables without her trainer, and without any of us noticing.

Of course Adayondeck didn’t, which – knowing that Racing Queensland would never get something important like the results wrong (that’s QRIC’s job) – can only mean one thing.

Ring in!

Where’s Robbie Waterhouse?

Was that his Merc my mate Max the Mac driving truckie spotted flying past Bang Bang Springs with a big Maori who looked the spitting image of Hayden Haitana at about 3.15 this afternoon?

It was someone, that’s for sure. and Max said that by the way they were gapping it from the course at high speed, it was clear they were up to no good. The tin of white paint that the big Maori was chucking out the window as they flew past the Mac man was a bit of a giveaway too I would have thought, although Max – who has strewn every highway from Brisbane to Broome with the chip packets and coke cans he throws out the window – didn’t quite gel to that.

A ring on a non TAB card at Gayndah, would you bloody believe it?

Hey, where’s that Matthew Rudolph character today?




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