Nobody Reads Archie Butterfly Anyway


These are the three-day unique visitor stats for this non-marketed, un-promoted, produced for love website written by an alleged loon, as at 12.21am.

Only ten to twenty thousand readers a day?

What the hell is wrong with the rest of the racing world?

What’s that Mum?

Oh, they live out in the bush and can’t get the internet?

Maybe I should start a print edition too.

Anyone keen to sponsor it?


4 thoughts on “Nobody Reads Archie Butterfly Anyway”

  1. Hi Archie My name is Mark Riley as you know I have had a checkered past never a dull moment. I was wondering wether you could look at my case for my trainers license and give me an advice. I completely understand if you don’t. I did my time quietly didn’t bother anyone yet they chose to make three years into life. Regards Mark Riley

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    1. You were a bloody good trainer too. Even better jockey. I could never catch your good ones. Fucking Mookta. Cost me a squillion. I did however at the age of 8 back Mistress Anne. Was there with my grandad. 2ew. He held the winnings, got pissed and I never saw it again. Told me on the train on the way home when the ticketie had gone past (he had knocked off the fare too, and pretended to be asleep, with me pretending to shake him and wake him up) not to tell Grandma I’d won because she hated gambling. It was bullshit. She loved him gone to the track with me so she could get stuck into her hidden stash of Vincents and Bex and be off in a drug fucked haze all arvo. Despite the Mookta debacle, I will certainly have a look. My email is – use that and send me your phone number. Cheers


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