Do You Reckon We Should Send Adam Hyeronimus the Bill?


Where do you reckon that Adam Hyeronimus lawyers got the link between Wade Birch and Steve Fletcher from?

Do you think the jockey’s legal team would be raising the issue if Fletcher hadn’t confirmed it?

I wonder what others around the traps think about Fletcher not telling them first?

Or what they might be imagining about why he didn’t?

Steve Fletcher’s a man who has always tried to replicate the IRA cell structure inside his gambling operation.

Not the crazy violence side, the bit about never letting one hand know what the other foot it doing.

Loose lips do sink ships, after all.

So do sharp eyed blokes who can spot a Steve or Zjelko in a room or ring from 20 paces away.

This time it wasn’t even me.

That one’s for your buddy Wade.

Tell him thanks, and enjoy.

You too.

Perhaps he might give you a job mucking out the stables.

I suspect you might need one sometime soon.

We published the story below on the 8th of June.

Do you reckon we should Adam Hyeronimus the bill?


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