Ya Gotta Get Your Priorities Right – Right?


Blacklog wasn’t unlucky last start.

That’s bullshit.

Scott Galloway gave him a soft sit midfield the fence, eased off on the turn, got a dream run through the middle, and rode it an absolute pearler. There was nothing unlucky about it, Blacklog just couldn’t go a yard.

That race was over 1800m, and he got beat 5.5 lengths, and wasn’t getting any closer.

The start before Blacklog couldn’t get out of his own way over 1700m at Ipswich, although I’m not 100% sure that jockey Galloway was real keen either.

The stable was yesterday.

Galloway couldn’t make the weight, so Taylor Marshall went on it.

The little bastard couldn’t ride Thunder Mania this way in the J.J. when he should have, but he could replicate the ride he didn’t ride in this one.

Some form genius who can translate thrashings in Class 1’s and 3’s at the provincials as reading ‘next start I’m going to win a BM65 midweek metro’ jumped in, and backed Blacklog off the map.

$17 into $9.50 is the semi-official fluctuation (one pinched off a corporate’s website), but you could get much better than 20’s early.

The stable crew clearly did.

It was a quaddie leg too, which made it handy.

Robbie Fradd’s steer on the 6-4 favourite Dashing Special made it even handier.

How did the Steward’s miss that?¬†Switching back to the wet part of the track on the inside? Fradd?


Scott Morrisey doesn’t train too many winners, but he keeps on training.

I don’t know if he’s a local scale Henry Davis who doesn’t want much, just enough, and so flies under the radar; or whether he’s a shit trainer who has had good stock over the years and couldn’t do much with them, and does do something to land the occasional plonk.

Either way, Scott Morrisey is full of shit, or at least he was yesterday when giving his explanation for the plunge horse  growing a leg and improving ten lengths in four days.

He was making it up as he went about the favourable track conditions too,

The money came early, when Doomben was still rated a Soft 5, before the downgrade to a Soft 6 after a shower. The plunge punters couldn’t possibly have known or predicted it.

Even if they had, it wouldn’t have mattered much, because Blacklog had never raced on a wet track before. The only guide to its ability to handle a Soft track was its trial on one as a 2yo, and it couldn’t go a bit in the wet then, finishing second last beaten 7.2 lengths against nothing too super.

You wouldn’t know about Morrisey’s claim about the rise in distance. All I can say is that this was Blacklog’s first try over more than 1800 metres, so any confidence that it would get the extra 270m on form or its wet track record would have been somewhat speculative prior to the event.

The two so obvious that it’s dumb questions that the Stewards should have asked Scott Morrisey were the ones they didn’t, and the only ones that were really important.

“Did you, or anyone associated with your stable, have a poultice on this horse Mr Morrisey?”

And then, if the trainer told the truth


That sort of stuff’s old fashioned I guess, and the Stewards are way too busy.

There are heaps of forms an integrity official has to fill in these days you know, and a whole lot of boxes there to tick.

You gotta get your priorities right.


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