The Old School Stipe vs the New Age Desk Jockey – Which Side Are You on Boy? Which Side Are You On?


I’ve written before about the soft run that jockey Brad Stewart often seems to get whenever his one time jockey colleague turned Senior QRIC Steward Neil Boyle chairs the stipes panel.

It happened again yesterday at Doomben.

Before the first race Brad Stewart was handed a $300 fine for hitting Soxagon with the whip 9 times prior to the 100 metre mark in last Saturday’s metro meeting at Eagle Farm, and flaying in several times in consecutive strikes.

As we’ve already told you, later in the day Ryan Maloney copped the same whack for judiciously tapping a horse softly in exemplary intervals, in a crap midweek race worth just half the dough.


It got worse.

After weighing out on Lashoni at 57kg in the last race, Stewart snuck back into the jockeys room and changed his boots.

Maybe Bradley Stewart has sore feet and needed a softer pair of slippers.

Or maybe he weighed in wearing the light set of boots that he carries in his kit bag for the times when he has starved himself to make the weight on his earlier mounts, and has taken fluid on board afterwards to stop himself from passing out, and gained half another half a keg. Then changed back to his real ones after just scraoing under the scale.

You can’t weight out heavy, and you can’t weigh in light.

But you can weigh in heavy.

Or not, as the case may be when you are riding Lashoni like Stewart did, although it’s more likely than not that the horse just couldn’t go, and his terrible steer wouldn’t have mattered either way.

What does matter though is that six months ago the wet behind the ears young apprentice Nick Keal got caught pulling exactly the same stunt as Stewart, and that he was given a 150% higher fine, $500 v the measly $200 fine that Neil Boyle handed out yesterday to his old mate from back in the day Brad.

It gets even worse again.

The Stipes put Keal through the griller, demanding to know why the apprentice changed them, even though we all know why any jockey does, which is the same reason Stewart did.

The kid Keal – who wasn’t afforded access to a rider advocate like he should have been – panicked and lied. Why wouldn’t he? He’d been put off the scene for many months through injury, he was trying to make it back, and he was afraid that if he couldn’t make the weight on one of his mounts, then word would get around that he was too heavy after the break, and he wouldn’t get any rides.

He was only a young bloke too.

Keal copped 2 weeks in the bin.

Brad Stewart didn’t panic and lie.


Because he was never asked the question like Keal was, and so he never had to answer it, and therefore wasn’t required to make a choice between truth or lie.

It seems pretty unfair to Keal, and the $200 Stewart copped does too, even though when you stack the whole of his fee fine up against Fradd’s $500 for bashing Tyzone, it seems pretty harsh at that.

Chief Steward Chadwick just doesn’t know the whip rule.

He probably doesn’t know a lot of the Queensland and Australian rules. He’s too busy in the office to read the ARR, and it’s hard to learn hands on when you don’t like going to the track.

Boyely knows the rules though.

He’s just a good bloke.

You can’t have it both ways though.

Who do you want your stipes to be?

The Boyles of the world, or the Chadwick’s?

They are a breed apart, and you can’t have both.

So which side are you on boy? Or girl?

I know which one I am.

Terry Bailey’s.



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