One Simple Question For the Critics

12 memorable moments: Guess who, don't sue, from spring racing ...

The phones and online forums are abuzz with rumours that Mr Roberto Waterhouse has, or will be, instructing his solicitors to sue the author of this site in relation to the Let it Snow series of stories we have published this week.

We are not sure why Mr Waterhouse is self-identifying as the unnamed man in some of the stories, or indeed why he may believe that it is him. We certainly make no concession in this regard, and if asked if it was he, our reply would be the same as it would be if we are asked if it were Mickey Mouse.

No comment.

What we say to anyone who asks is this.

Do you really think the Racing NSW Stewards spent a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees fighting, and then appealing, the Steve Fletcher case in the Supreme Court of NSW, just so that they could charge Adrian Hyeronimus and Blake Paine with a few betting charges?


That’s all we will say for now.


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