Was This a Race or a Dodgem Car Ride at the Ekka? – When Are the Stewards Going to Get Tough on Dangerous Riding, and Stamp the Highly Unsafe Practice Out?

I’m not sure if race 7 at Clifford Park on Friday night was a horse race or a dodgem car ride at the Ekka.

It’s really hard to tell.

What is for sure is that at least 3 and maybe 4 jockeys in this race rode like absolute cowboys, and it’s an absolute miracle that no-one went down and got hurt or killed.

Sheriden Tomlinson on the horse inside did it to himself.

He tried to take a run up the rail when there was never one there, and almost ended up head first over the fence. If he had died the Coroner would have ruled it suicide.

He should have his provincial license pulled and be returned to the bush until such time as he learns to count a horse width and ride safely.


Kenji Yoshida on All Shiraz came straight out and across in front of the Currie horse when he didn’t have the right to take the line, and almost put Michael Murphy down.

He copped a 7-day suspension for his sins.

Apprentice Alex Patis, who is generally riding in excellent form, didn’t help Murphy’s cause. Her mount in the white on the outside veered sharply in and gave he and Michael Hellyer on her inside the Malachi crunch.

Patis did what she could to straighten her mount immediately, but still should have copped a reprimand.

This being Toowoomba she didn’t.

Murphy didn’t help himself either. He never does, either on or off the track, and his penchant for self-destruction has all but ruined his once extremely promising career.

With no regard at all for his riding colleague and rival’s safety, he tried to turn his mount sideways and knock Michael Hellyer out of the way.

It wasn’t the smartest of moves.

Hellyer is a hell of a good jockey, and a strong one too, and he wasn’t having a bar of it or going anywhere., not without Murphy asking politely. He slammed him back in, and mad Mickey became the cream in the Oreo.

This is not how jockeys should be riding on any track.

Safety has to be paramount, whether its a jockeys own or that of their fellow riders.

The whole lot of them should have been dragged into the Stewards room and had a second arsehole ripped into them by the Chief.  We shouldn’t have to wait until another rider loses their life on the tracks before we clean this sort of crap up.

It was a very, very ordinary display all round.

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