Tyzone Should Have Been Disqualified From the Straddie, Robbie Fradd Should Have Been Given 3 Months and a Massive Fine, and the Queensland Stewards Should Just Hang Their Heads in Shame

In footy if you commit a professional foul you get sent off, and you do in basketball if you flagrantly foul someone too.

In golf you lose the match if you break the rules by moving your ball.

Formula 1 drivers lose are disqualified if they jump the start, and are so are 100 metre sprinters at the Olympics.

Swimmers in the breastroke at the Games are out of the race if they use a freestyle kick, and if a walker breaks into a job they are too.

It’s called cheating, and it’s not on in any sport.

Any sport except horse racing it seems.

The whip rule was introduced some years ago as an animal welfare measure, to prevent undue harm to race horses.

Under these universally known and understood rules, a jockey is prohibited from striking their mount with the stick more than five times before the 100 metre mark.

Yesterday in the Straddie, jockey Robbie Fradd absolutely thrashed Tyzone with the whip all the way down the straight, and hit it 16 times before the field reached the 100 pole.


Look at the replay and count them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


Eleven more strikes than any rider, including Robbie Fradd, was allowed.

Fradd broke the whip rule wilfully and deliberately, and without any care or concern whatsoever for Tyzone’s welfare.

In my view he should be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

At the very least he and his mount should have been disqualified from the Stradbroke Handicap, and Fradd should have been outed for at least 3 months and issued a fine of a hefty five-figure sum.

Michael Walker was.

He copped a $10 000m whack and a seven meeting suspension for whipping Prince of Arran 12 times before the hundred in last year’s Cup, and Robbie Fradd hit Tyzone four more times than that again.

Fradd cheated.

Pure and simple.

He cheated, and it won him a Group 1 race, and the Stewards let him do it.

Fradd’s minimum winning riders fee was over ten grand.

All he copped was a $500 fine.

Obviously afraid of a totally justified outcry from the animal activists, Chief Steward Peter Chadwick seemingly deliberately withheld details of the the number of times Fradd flogged Tyzone from the Official Stewards Report.

This from the number 1 racing integrity official on the course, a man who has the protection of the welfare of all racing animals as his one of the fundamental, non-negotiable requirements of his role.


This is an absolute disgrace.

The whip rule is nothing but a joke, and so is Chadwick.

But it gets worse.

Take a close look at just HOW Robbie Fradd was whipping Tyzone.

He belted him roundhouse around the forequarters.


He jabbed the whip back-handed full force into his guts.


He raised his arm above head-height, in flagrant breach of the rules.


And then he smashed him on the neck and head.


Why do you reckon Fradd was using his stick in such an odd and unlawful way?

I reckon I know.

It rhymes with Carp.

This is absolutely outrageous.

Anyone who loves animals should be screaming from the rooftops.

Connections of the other runners should be heading for the courts.

Punters who backed the 2nd horse should be getting a refund.

And the Stewards should just hang their heads in shame.




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