Your Straddie Tips From the Stars


How to they get the horses to the island to race?famous quote from unnamed former Racing Club CEO in first week on the new job

I was so bored doing the Stradbroke Handicap form a dozen times and keeping on coming up with the same result that I thought I’d cast the net a bit wider and find out what some of the experts had to offer.

Here are your Straddie tips from the punting stars from around the world.

Double Digit Dan

Kementrari, Chief Ironside, Crack Me Up

The Man Who Makes Money and Sells It To the Mint

Kementari, Exhilirates, Hightail

The Tornado

Dawn Passage, Hightail, Trekking, Chief Ironside

(I did ask the Stars to give me 3, but poor old Ben Currie went to school in Toowoomba, and thus never learned to count anything but bank notes)

The Best Looking Owner In Racing

Victorem, Dawn Passage, Crack Me Up, Trekking

(I always thought she was educated at the ladies college in Cairns, not at Harristown High)

The Concreter

Niccanova, Victorem, Crack Me Up, Chief Ironside

(He must have gone to school on the Downs too)

The Swashbuckler

Crack Me Up, Tyzone, Trekking

The Grandson

Trekking, Kementari, Niccanova

(1, 2, 3 …. he was up to fifty when I pulled him up)

The Worlds Greatest Greyhound Trainer

Victorem, Dawn Passage, Trekking

(‘But if they’d let Jasper the Jet run he’d win by twenty)

The Best Dressed Man At The Track

Ranier, Victorem, Dawn Passage

Won’t Have More Than One Bet a Day Winnie 

Victorem, Graff, Bams On Fire

(Editor’s note – Bams? Who?)

The Bantam

Hightail first, daylight the rest

(Warning – he did take $26 about Minjee in the J.J – its now 50’s and blowing like a gale)

Pete the Pulsie

Will get back to us after the last at the trots, or the last at the English gallops if he backs the last trots winner

The Former King of the Rails Ring

Loose Lips Sink Ships, Good Luck With Thunder Archie, Now Piss Off

Yeah Good

Hasn’t Read a Form Guide Since He Was Twelve, Couldn’t Pick His Nose, Waiting For The Former Kings Of The Rails Rings Tips

No, just joking

Tyzone, Crack Me Up, Chief Ironside

(see above)

Archie Butterfly

Kementari (a special), Outback Barbie, Exhilarates

The Bahama Boy

I’m Backing The Field, Laying Them Too, Two Point Seven Percent Guarantee On ROI With The Rebates

(That why Overs lives in a tax haven, and owns three banks)


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