Random Impertinent Questions About Racing

Which prominent racing club Chairman recently received a written warning from Racing Queensland about attending meetings at the club when not permitted to do so under the RQ imposed COVID-19 restrictions?

How does the warning the chap received stack up against stern fines issued to others for the same breach of health and racing directives?

Which race club has had external auditors from Racing Queensland poring over its books for the past month, and continuing to so as we speak (hint – it’s not a small club)?

Why are the auditors there?

What are they looking for?

Which trainer/s hot streak of success seems to have ended quite abruptly in the face of increased attention from the QRIC integrity investigation team?

Why exactly was the prizemoney for some of Queensland’s most prestigious Group races slashed to ribbons at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak?

Wouldn’t the money for the purses have already been allocated from Racing Queensland’s budget and squirrelled away?

Why were races like the Derby and the Doomben 10 000 cancelled without any consultation?

What exactly is the legal position vis a vis the hefty increased nomination fees paid by connections of horses entered in the so-called ‘new’ Future Champions series, which is really just the old Champagne/Sires/JJ Atkins triple crown under a fancy new name?

Will the connections of youngsters that were nominated for the series be repaid the $1375 nomination and first acceptance fees they paid to the Brisbane Racing Club by the deadline of 21 January in good faith, based on the belief that they were entering a race series worth $2.25 million?

Is it true that at least two owners from high-profile stables are seeking legal advice from a couple of high-powered firms about the matter?

Where in the world is Mick Goodie, and why has he disappeared?

Is Racing Victoria insane even considering putting the Caulfield Cup back until after the big one?

Has Peter V’Landys really got them that spooked?

If the dates are changed, will they ever be changed back?

Doesn”t Racing Victoria realise that unless it ceases using its numbers on the Pattern Committee to block the Everest being awarded the Group 1 status that it deserves, V’Landys will just put on another new big feature race to clash with the revised date?

If Melbourne trainer Phillip Stokes son and stable foreman only gets a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket sized fine for betting against his stable’s horses, wouldn’t parity in sentencing suggest that if found guilty, jockey Ben Melham should too? After all, at least Melham was backing his mounts to win.

Is it true that police believe that horse trainer from Mackay was responsible for making the recent bomb threat that almost resulted in the Eagle Farm races being cancelled?

Was the trainer really stupid enough to (a) make the threat in the first place, and (b) make from his own phone?

If found to be responsible, will the trainer be warned off life he should be?

Whatever happened to the police prosecution against harness racing identity Marshall Dobson for allegedly operating bowler betting accounts?

Whatever happened to the fraud prosecutions against disgraced former Racing Queensland procurement manager Bill Shuck?

Why does Racing Queensland continue to hold meetings at Emerald when the finish camera seemingly breaks down at every meeting?

Is it true that there is no money in the RQ budget to fix it?

What’s the real story behind the upcoming split between father and son training team Toby and Trent Edmonds?

Is it all track related, or does it have something to do with certain going ons of a more personal nature?

How is Trent Edmonds going to retain and attract staff if the rumours of his behaviour toward existing employees are true?

Why did Trent Edmonds publicly abuse a fellow trainer and falsely accuse him of leaking the story of yesterdays Gold Coast visit to his stable to this site, when the abused trainer hadn’t even arrived at the track at the time our story was published?

Why is young Edmonds so touchy about the issue?

Is the QRICs denial of any issues with pre-race testing made a week ago, and its admission that there were indeed problems due to backlog of samples awaiting testing in the racing lab a shining example of integrity?

Were they the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God?

Why didn’t they just send the samples to another lab for testing, rather than not pre-race test at all at certain tracks like Toowoomba?

How has the backlog so suddenly been miraculously cleared?

Why do the whispers about Terry Bailey returning to Queensland to take over Chief Steward Peter Chadwick’s job toward the end of the year keep getting stronger and stronger by the day?

What is the connection between Harness Racing Victoria’s resumption of a 12 year old inquiry about matters relating to warned off convicted drug trafficker and race fixer Rod Weightman, and the recent 8-year disqualification handed out to WA trainer/driver Clinton Hall, the son of Hall of Famers Gary Hall’s senior and junior?

Why was Clinton Hall’s offer of a bribe to a fellow driver to throw a race picked up on covert phone surveillance being conducted as part of a joint State and Federal Police operation?

How far does the operation stretch, and across what States?

If nobody reads Archie Butterfly’s writing, how come peterprofit.com is getting thousands of hits every day?


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