The Mysterious Matter of the Non-Compliance of Corey Bayliss – Or Not


So why did Corey Bayliss fail to comply with a direction of a security official when entering the Clifford Park race course yesterday?

What was the direction?

Was it issued lawfully by a person properly authorised to give it?

What direction did Bayliss fail to comply with during the course of a Stewards inquiry into his non-compliance with the direction of the so-said security official?

I know.

Do you?

There are two things I don’t know though.

One is why Bayliss was allowed to remain on course for 3 hours, and ride in races five, six and ten if he had breached the perimeter by disregarding the direction of a properly authorised security official, or if the Stewards thought he had, in any event.

The other is how you can adjourn an inquiry into why a bloke disregarded a direction to hand around, and pissed off instead.

Wouldn’t the inquiry have to be convened at a later date?

How do you start an official inquiry into a person’s conduct, when the person is not even there?

It’s an interesting one this, don’t you worry about that, but sadly I’m sworn to secrecy, so you’ll have to wait until later to find out why.

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