Flowers in the Attic – A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Leslie John Cole (pictured) was a notorious criminal who was murdered in Sydney in 1982

Murdered, murderous contract killer and drug dealer, Leslie John Cole (above).

He had bad taste in women.

The mother of his son is Judy Moran, who he married when she just eighteen, but not a whole lot better looking.

This is their offspring Mark (below).

Doesn’t he look like his Dad?

Mark Moran was a murderous contract killer and drug dealer too.

He got murdered, just like his Dad.

That came three years after his half-brother Mark Moran (Cole) was shot dead in the driveway of his home

Damion Flower’s not a murderer or murderous, at least not as far as we know, but if he turned out to be it wouldn’t be any surprise.

He’s certainly a drug pusher, just like his wife’s old man Michael Hurley, there is not much doubt about that.

There’s not much doubt about top-shelf trainer Gerald Ryan’s predilection for young boys either, none really at all.

How the racing authorities have continued to grant the well-known pervert who was ruined so many lives a licence to ply his trade, working beside kids of the age that push his sicko buttons, is a mystery to all.

The way that no-one in racing seemed to see Damion Flower coming is too.

That’s what the naive think anyway, and who am I to stain their rose-coloured world?

A picture usually tells a thousand words.

This picture tells ten.


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