The Nadia Comaneci Montreal 78 of Trot Drives – Ryan Warwick, Take a Bow

What you see above is the best drive that you will ever see.

The horse is Weewah, the driver is Ryan Warwick.

Warwick is little known outside of harness racing, but in short he’s the James McDonald of the West Australian sport.

Six months ago he drove the card at a meeting at Kellebern. Doesn’t sound much on its own, but it’s momentous. No jockey or driver has ever done it in Australia before.

You don’t see many horseman of any description do what Warwick did tonight behind Weewah either. I’m not sure that his push out at the bell was lawful – in fact I’m sure that it wasn’t – but he did it with such subtlety and grace that motion became art, and rules made by men no longer mattered.

What a drive.

What a driver.


Ryan Warwick, take a bow.

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