Man Bashes Horse and Gets a Pat on the Back – Wat the Hell Son?


This is what the Stewards say happened in the barriers prior to the start of race 6 at Cairns on the 14th of May.

This is what really happened, as told by those who were there.

Party Pies lashed out, and very nearly kicked veteran jockey Graham Watson’s mount Style Line who was in the very next peg.

The barrier attendants tried to back Party Pies out so that the vet could check the horse to see if it had done itself any damage.

It wouldn’t reverse out, so Watson – who had the shits big time – gave it a huge backhander with the whip to tell it to hurry up and piss off.

It did, and Party Pies was withdrawn and declared a late scratching.

There is no proper patrol film of the start.

Watson didn’t lightly tap it with his whip, he belted it.

There was no safety concern at all as far as Watson was concerned; he was in no danger himself.

The Stewards are just making it all up as they go.

It’s Queensland and the QRIC.

Is anyone surprised?

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