Where Do You Go To My Lovely Horses? – Where Did You Go?


What you see above is a list of mares purchased at the Magic Millions National Broodmare Sale held in May 2017.

Seventeen mares were bought for under $2000 at that sale, each of them purportedly for breeding purposes, but if you believe that you believe in fairies.

Eleven of the seventeen were purchased by a company called Killara Thoroughbreds, which is one of the trading names of an entity called the Grange Country Estate Unit Trust. This unit trust also trades as Running Creek Beef, a cattle station further to the South-West in the famous thoroughbred breeding area near Glenlogan Stud, and the Killara Homestead, a working farm just outside of Beaudesert.

A couple named Rod and Deb Richardson run Killara Thoroughbreds.

Rod Richardson is or was a business partner of his near-neighbour Peter Dean, the prolific bargain basement buyer of tried racehorses that we wrote about last week.

It was Richardson who teamed up with Dean in 2017 to send 79 tried racehorses to Vietnam, ostensibly for the purpose of the horses racing at a privately owned track near Ho Chin Min city (Hanoi).

If you believe that, you believe in fairies.

We thought it might be instructive to try to trace where the dozen hopeless horses that Killara Thoroughbreds purchased for a few dimes at the Magic Millions sale ended up.

Sadly, due to the deficiencies that exist in the racehorse registration system, we didn’t get too far.

Even more sadly, when you find that 25 percent of the slow horses that Killara took home from Gerry Harvey’s highly reputable sale ended up officially dead within a couple of years, your natural suspicion about the fate of most of the others makes you so sick in the guts that you stop looking.

Here are the ones that Killara Thoroughbreds bought.

And remember, the hammer fell in the year 2017.


Izajazzar – retired in 2008.

Duorosa – retired in 2009

Pride of Rawbelle – DEAD


Miss Tuesday – Retired, never raced

Saints and Angels – Retired in 2016

Gala Royale – Raced twice at Beaudesert after the sale for two 9th placings, with average losing margin 27.85 lengths

Centauraine – DEAD


Unnamed – Unknown

Amalfi Scape – Bought for $1500, sold the very next week on bloodstockauction.com.au to for $5000. That sounds dodgy doesn’t it? The mare never raced again.

Cassie’s Dream – retired in 2009

Si Alla Vita – Retired early 2017, before the sale

Eraser – DEAD


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I hope not.

It makes you want to chunder.

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