Welcome to the Parallel Universe That the QRIC Call Integrity


What you see above is the Official Stewards Report regarding Race 7 at Ipswich yesterday afternoon.

Read it?

Now tear it up and throw it in the bin.

What you see below is the race.

Keep your eye on Brad Stewart, who is sporting the infamous Currie silks in colours of white, red and blue.

As you are watching, count how many times that he hits his mount Open Road with the whip prior to the 100 metre mark.

Your count starts at the point of the turn into the straight, and ends when the running rail changes from all white to green and white stripes.

If you want me to save you the trouble, I count ten before the hundred.

The rule says a jockey can whip a horse no more than 5 times, which is 5 times too many in my opinion, but I don’t make the rules.

Brad Stewart has just done the riding equivalent of blowing .10 on a breath test, double the permissible limit.

Stewart is in big trouble, and might be looking at a stint on the sidelines,  but his ‘prior good record’ in relation to breaches of the whip rule saves him.


He doesn’t actually have one.

A good record that is.

When it comes to breaches of the whip rule, Brad Stewart is the worst offender in Queensland, bar none.

I suspect that Stewart’s one-time riding colleague Neil Boyle is the the worst Steward in the world too, and I say that kindly.

The alternative is too unthinkable to even think.

Is it any wonder that the QRIC is the laughing stock of the nation?


See this above?


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