Guess What Former Racing Queensland CEO Eliot ‘ET’ Forbes Latest Job Is? – Heading a Front Outfit for the Live Horse Export Industry – Giddy Up


A qualified veterinarian with a Master of Business Administration degree, Dr Forbes has a deep interest in animal welfare

This is what Steve ‘Whirlwind’ Wilson, the barely seen Chairman of Racing Queensland, said about formerĀ  CEO Eliot ‘ET’ Forbes when he appointed him to run racing in the Sunshine State in 2016.

Dr Forbes – who is not a doctor at all, but rather a vet – was a man with a deep concern for the welfare of animals. Or at least that’s what ET all but screamed when he assumed the top role after the incumbent had been sacked and all his potential successors mud-stained in the wake of the greyhound live betting scandal.

His cheerleaders – principal among them the fourth-tier racing broadcaster and Monday morning soapbox jockey David Fowler – screamed it too. This is

Dr Elliot Forbes will be an outstanding choice for the Racing Queensland CEO position.

A clever man at the right age, he presents the right form guide having run the three codes in Tasmania.

Even more significantly, his understanding of the animal and its welfare has been a shining light in his Tassie tenure.

This will be a fillip for the Sunshine State.

I’ve known David since I was sixteen.

In all of those three and a bit decades he never has been able to find a winner the poor buggerer. Nothing’s changed.

ET Forbes lasted all of a couple of years before walking the plank in the wake of the Eagle Farm track disaster, to save himself from being pushed.

Guess what the champion of animal welfare is doing these days?

Working as a bowler for the live export industry.

You know them, they’re the ones who pack cattle, sheep, goats and horses by the thousand into crates build for only a couple of hundred, and then send them off overseas to get kicked, bashed and abused by Muslim slaughterhands, and then have their screams of terror silenced by getting throats slit from ear to ear without stunning or anaesthetic.

Right into animal welfare the livestock export people are, or at least that’s what they pretend by putting a near-unemployable blow with the wind wizard like ET in charge of the front organisation they set up in an attempt to take the heat off them after several live exporting atrocities committed by its members or their clients were publicised in prime time on trans-national TV.

Good old ET will save them though.

Just like he saved racing in Tasmania and then Queensland.

AniMark is the name of the outfit the good non-Doctor is heading.

Eliot Forbes claims that it’s an independent organisation set up to ensure that animals heading to get their throats slashed Halal-style are afforded the highest standards of welfare by being treated in a humane and ethical manner once they leave Australia’s shores.

It’s a nice story.

So’s the Adventures of Pinocchio, and they’re both about as true as each other, which is not at all.

The real truth is that while Animark cops almost $3.5 million in annual government grants paid for out of the hundreds of millions that the Federal and State Government drag in from export duties, levies, port fees, GST and other taxes, not a cent of it gets spent on actually checking overseas live cattle, sheep and horse buyers compliance with the faux-standards that ET’s outfit dreams up.


It’s bit hard to ensure animals are treated humanely and ethically by slaughterman in other countries unless you actually go there to have a look, isn’t it?

David Fowler rarely backs a winner, but he was right about one thing.

This was a fillip for the Sunshine State.

ET leaving it I mean.

As for the animals?

Turn the lights out and lock the door when the last one’s dead and all the blood’s washed off the floor will you.

Don’t worry about the blood on your hands.

You can never wash that stuff away.



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