Blood on the Tracks Again


Earlier this week we told you the story of the John Zielke trained galloper that was sliced to ribbons by an official while they were taking a pre-race swab, and was bleeding like a stuck pig yet still got passed fit to race by the on-course vet, despite the trainer’s clear concern that the horse was unfit to run.

Well it happened again.

We’re not at liberty to tell you the name of the horse in the photo above, but what we can tell you is that this shot was taken in the tie-up stalls on race day, and that the injury inflicted to this galloper was inflicted during the pre-race swab process too.

We can also tell you that like Zielke this horse’s trainer wanted it scratched, but that the vet insisted that it was right to run, and it did so and put in a shocker. If you or I had a gash that size on our neck I’m sure we would too.

Just as it was with Zielke’s horse, the pre-race vet exam wasn’t recorded in the official Stewards Report.

Why not is the question?

I don’t even want to try to answer it.

I just known that what’s going on with the taking of these pre-race blood samples is not what I’d call good animal welfare standards, and what seems to be an attempt to hide the problem by the vets or stewards isn’t integrity either.

Bloody horses.

Gee they run slow.

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