The Rise of Tony and Maddysen Sears Continues at Pace – But is The Hottest Training Team in Town Right Now’s Balloon About to be Shot Down?


The pair took three horses to Caloundra yesterday and two of them greeted the judge, at a strike rate of 66%.

On Saturday they had gone 1 from 2 at Gatton and 1 from 3 at the Gold Coast, for a combined win rate of 40%.

The team went one from three at Toowoomba last Friday, and of course famously were five from seven the previous Saturday, and kept a clean sheet at Dalby the day before with one out of one.

That gives the T and M Sears training partnership 11 winners at 5 different tracks from the past 19 runners they have sent to the races, at the extraordinary strike rate of 58%, and taking stats even further, in the past month they’ve nailed 17 first-prize cheques from 43 starters at six tracks, at a slight lower but still awesome win to runner ration of almost 40 percent.

Not even Boom Boom Benny back at his peak was recording those sort of numbers.

And to think, less than a year ago Maddy Sears was sitting in an office in town on minimum wage answering the phone.


The Sears have created themselves a problem now though, and it’s one that could present them with a whole lot of problems over the coming months; for just like B.M. Currie before them, the pair’s golden run of success has stirred up a hornet’s nest.

All of a sudden a lot of trainers are beginning to be made to look a bit silly, and more than a handful of owners are beginning to ask themselves the question ”If an inexperienced rookie trainer and her Dad can win 4 races out of 10, then why can’t mine?”

While I suspect that more battle-hardened and punt-wizened among us may just be able to answer that question, most owners aren’t like me and my lifelong racing tragic mates. They are just Joe Averages who are digging into their pockets every week to pay the feed bills, and would very much like to see a return, preferably in the form of a profit, but a  win and a whole lot of reflected glory and ego pumping will do.

Winning has always been the best form of advertising for horse trainers, and if the streak continues pretty soon the trickle of owners thinking about switching stables with their horse will become a flood.

The big trainers are acutely aware of this threat, for they got big themselves by winning and luring new owners across on the back of their success. These blokes – and they are all males, although not all are what I call men – aren’t going to allow that to happen. They will do whatever it takes to stop the rise of the Sears, and just as it was with Boom Boom, not all the action will be taking place on the track.

It’s already started.

We hear the QRIC team’s went out to Toowoomba last week to pay a surprise visit to the Sears establishment, I’m guessing just to say g’day, introduce themselves, and give Tony and Maddy a big pat on the back and three hearty cheers. I’d imagine they probably asked after Benjamin too, given that they know BMC won an adjournment of one of the many hearings in their ongoing war in the courts, on the basis that he was booked to go to Bali to peform groomsman duties at the wedding of Tony’s son and Maddy’s brother (the same person; he married someone else).

It’s said with a high degree of certainty around the traps that the Commissioner is not a member of the Ben Currie cheerleading squad, and is unlikely to become one if this lifetime or the next. You don’t have to be too bright to work out that he may not be objectively well disposed toward the Sears either, and the visit made to his parlour by a couple of what he wrongly believes to be respectable leaders of the Queensland training game is likely to have solidified his already latent suspicion about the reasons behind the Tony and Maddy show’s mad-arse recent success.

The head on its chest win of the heavily backed Be Water My Friend at Corbould Park yesterday (picture at top)wouldn’t have helped either. Of course the Commissioner wouldn’t have seen it in real time – he’s up to his neck in meetings in the afternoons – but it’s London to a Brick on that the horse’s effortless victory would have been promptly brought to his attention by Sears activist training rivals.

If you asked me for an opinion about the Sears long magic run, I’d tell you that it was none of my business, and none of yours either, and argue that we we should be celebrating success rather than trying to drag the successful down.

If you asked me about the QRIC, I’d tell you that they have outrageously invasive coercive powers that include planting cameras and bugs, monitoring your every move remotely and intently, listening in on all your calls, reading your emails and texts, strong-arming others to turn copper’s dog, and a whole lot more.

Last week’s visit to the Sears stable was just a recon mission, a curtain raiser to main act. What’s in train now can’t be stopped, and there will only be one team getting off when it reaches the station.

Will it be Tony and Maddy Sears, or will it be the Commissioner and his crew?

Who knows, but take a seat,put your feet up, and enjoy the show.

Let the games begin.

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