The Concreter Strikes Again


Fresh from his six from eight success at the Sunshine Coast on Friday night, the Concreter backed up with a single bet at Rocky on Tuesday.

The winner of the sixth, Chevy Nova at $11.

He tried to call me half a dozen times yesterday arvo, but sensing that it was clearly a wannabe show and crow about backing even more winners at the Sunny Coast, I’ve been avoiding the bugger like the plague, and to make sure that he doesn’t sneak under my guard by ringing from his missus’s phone, I’ve redirected all calls made to my phone to that of the Former King of the Brisbane Rails Ring.

Tell Mr Gallagher I said hello if you try to call me and he answers, and don’t forget to ask him for a couple of tips for the trots.

Then back the other one.

Let’s all hope that the Concreter enjoys the sun while its shining, for winning runs on te punt are like endless summers – you wake up one day to find the skies full of dark grey clouds, and then the heavens burst and it buckets down, and they’re gone, washed away like the run was never there at all.

Bet the phone won’t be ringing six times an hour then.


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