Blood on the Tracks – Animal Welfare in Queensland? How Do You Spell It? – Part 2 – The Trainers Version of Events


From: John W Zielke
Sent: Wednesday, 13 May 2020 7:14 PM
To: cameron partington <>
Subject: Doomben swab fiasco 13th May 2020

Hi Cameron,

To say i’m disillusioned as to where racing is in this state is an understatement.

I’ve actually made inquiries to try and sell the six horses I own myself and leave this industry.

What happened today is simply out of control by the stewards and what they are prepared to do to obtain a sample.

This horse was clearly under a lot of stress and worked up long before they came to swab him.

They were advised by John Hacket and a number of other licensed persons that this was not advisable and dangerous to perform.

I advised them that he had been saved numerous times from going over and attempting to needle him would prove very dangerous.

The vet made a smart remark that he was needle shy from being needled too much, REALLY, he’s a 2yo worked up and in fact had very few needles before today.

The vet called Daniel Aurisch and informed him of the situation and he insisted that they more than ever now want a sample.

We decided with the vet that the best way would be let us saddle first so we can at least get a saddle on him and then take a sample.

We done that and while I was in with his assistant there were no fewer than 3 others in with the horse attempting to repeatedly stab the horse with a needle.

Eventually the horse barraged his way over them and they eventually stopped the horse some 20m away.

Another steward then noted that the horse had injured himself when he charged through them, the vet looked at him, said he was ok and again proceeded to stick needles in him, this time out in the laneway in full view of everybody.

They ended up only getting 5 of the 6 vials needed as he was still proving very dangerous and difficult.

The vet then said “no problem, i’ll fix it”.

He then opened the empty vial, opened a vial with blood in it, held the
2 vial lids in the fist of his hand, pored some blood into the empty and capped the vials with the caps in his hand.

He opened these vials up in the open in un-sterile conditions, fisted his hand without gloves around the caps contaminating them, then capped them again with these contaminated lids.

I made him aware of it and he wasn’t concerned saying “I can’t take blood with gloves on”. Every other vet does and it’s mandatory to do so.

I’ve spoken to Daniel Aurisch of the situation, he just smirked at me so I informed him the matter will be going further.

Note there is not a single word of anything in the race-day stewards report.

There are so many witnesses to this and everybody said they should have not attempted what they did and should have stopped before he charged out causing him to be injured.

He’ll need 5-6 stitched in the morning and is very distressed as you can see by the photo I have taken when he got home.

This practice needs to stop or at least start showing some regard for other peoples horses.

John Zielke

John Zielke Racing

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