Blood on the Tracks – Animal Welfare in Queensland? How Do You Spell It? – Part 1 – The Claret and the Cut


These horrific pictures were taken in the tie up stalls at Doomben last Wednesday.

The images are of injuries suffered in the stalls before its race by a two-year-old gelding named Better Days Ahead, which is owned by Mr Evan Hartley, and trained by Mr John Zielke.

Neither Mr Hartley, nor Mr Zielke were responsible for the injuries to the horse. They were caused by accident.


Mr Zielke cares about the welfare of his animals. Upon becoming aware of the horse’s condition, he immediately informed the Stewards of the injuries, with a view to having his young horse inspected by the on-course vet and scratched from the race.

The vet Dr Chris Wain did indeed inspect the horse, at trainer Zielke’s request.

To the astonishment of the trainer, and those in near proximity, he passed it fit to run.



What was the doctor thinking?

I’m no vet, but I know horses, and I can assure you that a juvenile horse who is bleeding like a stuck pig as Better Days Ahead was is in no fit state to race, as the result proved.

Better Days Ahead ran a long last.

Is anyone surprised?


Animal welfare in Queensland?

How do you spell it?

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