A Summary of the Submissions Made to the Glue Factory Inquiry – Part 1 – A to B


You can’t deny the Asians or wogs a good old Popular Alm steak can you punters? It would be absolutely inhumane. We’ll have to do something about the poor old cannibals going hungry soon too, I suspect.

Animal Liberation

Horse racing is innately cruel, and should be shut down completely.

It is impossible to rehome every galloper currently being bred, due to their being a lack of homes for them to go to.

(Archie – This is true. Has anyone ever done the sums on the Greyhound Adoption Program’s annual success in finding homes for old or rooted dishlickers v the number of old or retired dishlickers needing a home each year? You’ll be shocked when you do. The same is true of race horses).

As it is impossible to rehome the current number of non-performers, the only real way to stop them being killed is to reduce the number being bred each year. To put this into effect, caps should be put on breeding numbers, and all QRIS incentive programs should be abolished immediately, and the money spent on them redirected to animal welfare.

(Archie – Yeah. Like into your organisation).

Animals Australia

Almost exactly as above.

(Archie – No surprise there).

Australian Trainer’s Association – Queensland Branch

Racing car driver turned conflict of interest between roles as trainers rep and as an agent for their jockeys Mr Cam Partington can’t say a lot, because not much is known.

About things like how many how many horses are getting killed, or how many are being retired, or how money are becoming showjumpers, or how many of the dead are Queenslanders, and how many came from down south.

(Archie – Queenslander! Queenslander!)

Spastics – horses with deformities, or unpleasant temperaments – should be shot. Humanely of course.

(Archie – If the same rule was applied to humans, there would be a few of us in a whole lot of trouble. All jockeys, most punters, 3/4 of trainers, a few race callers, and perhaps even some industry reps).

Cut the red tape on welfare, and make sure that every cent of the 1% levy currently being levied by Racing Queensland (Archie – and going somewhere into the ether) is spent on welfare, and not a dollar on administrative costs, which should be picked up by the State Government in one or more of its various guises.

(Archie – Yeah Cam, right on! The racing industry participants breeding, raising, raising and then discarding and totally neglecting the horses that make them their living, give them a bit of fun and excitement, or stoke their already over-inflated egos should be able to duck their fundamental obligations, and everyone else should pick up the bill).

A representative board should administer the 1%.

(Archie – A board of course including a representative of the Qld Branch of the Australian Trainer’s Association. I wonder if Cam will put up his President Chris Munce – a man of undoubted integrity off the racecourse, out of jail, and when not stiffing his staff on their super – as the association’s rep?)

Australian Veterinary Association

The current laws about being able to truck a horse for 24 hours without feeding or watering it are a disgrace, and should be altered immediately.

The animal cruelty laws otherwise are fine as is, it’s enforcement of them – or non-enforcement, as the case may be – that is the problem.

To fix it, the authorities need to properly monitor the glue factories, and CCTV cameras should be installed compulsorily in all knackeries so the monitoring can be conducted in real time and remotely, to supplement physical inspections.

Not their place to comment on whether killing horses outside of in medically necessary situations should be permitted to continue.

(Archie – That’s a bit odd. The AMA have plenty to say on euthanasia).

Queensland does not have a PRA-based rehoming  structure.

(Archie – the PRA’s are Racing Queensland and the QRIC).

It’s okay to kill spastics as long as you do it humanely.

(Archie – Right on Vets! Dying of a bullet in the head is heaps better than being poisoned or having your throat slit. Gas is even better. Just ask Hitler, or Sylvia Plath).

Biosecurity Queensland

We are supposed to act on complaints, but usually don’t.

Most complaints end up like win bets on horses like Tarzan last Friday night, who get stuck 5 and 6 wide over the 1000 metre trip at Caloundra. Confetti.

Education is better than prosecution, and that is out focus.

(Archie – Works real good. Just ask Peter Foster).

Prosecutions should only be pursued after considering bear half a million bureaucratic public service policies, guidelines and procedures, and then after the application of two tests.

The first is “Did the animal abuser do it?”

The second is “Do they have a possible exemption, exception or defence for beating the crap out of a horse and then killing it?”

If yes, do not prosecute.

(Archie – I thought it was a defence lawyers job to get their client off, not the prosecutions job to do theirs for them).

The third is to consider 15 different factors, including the big one – whether there is an alternative to prosecution. If yes, do not prosecute.

(Archie – Somewhat strangely, Biosecurity Qld do not provide any stats on how many cases of animal cruelty it has actually prosecuted. I think you can guess why).

BOTRA (Harness Racing Breeders, Owners, Trainers and Reinspersons Association)

Ya gotta kill horses at glue factories, because when they finish racing they have nowhere else to go, and besides, people in foreign countries like eating horse.

Old or injured trotters earmarked for death should be sent to the gallows in horse trucks or floats, not open cattle trucks.

It’s all about quality of life, not the quantum of years that a horse spends on this earth,

(Archie – Yeah, my best years were spent running around hard trot tracks in harness with a bit between my teeth, being flogged with a whip all the way to make me run faster. You’re better off being dead. Most pacers have been before anyway, many of them several times).

The owners obligation to the horse ends when it stops racing and earning them money. After that whatever happens to them is someone else’s problem.

All harness racers are registered as foals and branded, and we don’t need any further measures to track or trace their lives after then.

(Archie – I reckon Daren Garrard has just both (a) made the case for the prosecution, and (b) given harness racing up as perhaps having a slight problem when it comes to the issue of what happened to all those pacers? It’s not quite the submission that I would have advised BOTRA to make, if I had been asked. Exactly the opposite in fact. His son’s a bloody good driver though, don’t you worry about that).

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