Tony McEvoy is a Genius – But Sunlight is Just Rooted


This is my Sunlight theory.

I reckon they stuffed the horse up by training it to try to run the 1500 metres of the Golden Eagle.

Being by Zoustar out of Solar Charged (by Charge Forward), Sunlight shouldn’t be able to run past 1200 metres down a well. All her ancestors were out and out sprinters – trust me, I backed them all – and so is she; but Sunlight has something that her Mum and Dad and Grandad never had.

The best trainer in Australia, bar none.

Tony McEvoy’s effort to get Sunlight within a whisker of winning the Eagle was the greatest piece of training I’ve seen since JB Cummings brought Saintly back 600m from the Metrop to win the Cox Plate, up 1200 to kill them in the The Cup, and then back another 1800 to blitz them in the C.F. Orr first up.

That’s how good McEvoy’s preparation of Sunlight was last time in.

But it did her in too. Totally f*cked her.

Up until then Sunlight had always been prepared to win fresh, either first or second up, and she always did, but she never went further than three runs deep into the prep, not without a decent break in between runs.

Last time McEvoy, who was eyeing off a $7.5 million prize, trainer her totally arse up, and it almost worked.

He got an extra 280 metres out of the mare, and nearly got the gold.

It was a once only strategy though, and when Sunlight got bloused by Australia’s luckiest horse Kolding in the rich one, her connections should have been saying ‘oh well, we hit and missed, but we gave it our best shot’, and the super girl have been off to the penthouse for a root with Galileo.

For some reason though, they brought her back.

It was a decision akin to Ali’s mad election to take on Larry Holmes, for after her upside down super-prep Sunlight didn’t know if she was Arthur or Martha, and was running on instinct without any turbo fuel of desire.

Gytrash made her look stupid first-up.

Barend Vorster gave stupid a new name in the Sangster, while Sunlight staggered wobbling across the line.

She’s shot our Sunlight, just like Ali was when the blinds started to draw down.

The travel thing is a myth. McEvoy  only moved her around to pick off the big money, and most times she had two or three runs in the same space. He and his lad are just grasping at straws.

Until last start I was Sunlight’s biggest ever fan.

Now I wouldn’t back her with your money.

I wonder if Tony McEvoy will pull a rabbit out of the hat, and tell it to go bite Archie’s arse?

How many days are there to Saturday Mum?

And can you tell them to hurry the hell up.



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