Pushing Shapes Uphill – South of Airlie Beach


WA trainer Daniel Pearce must really want to win whatever race he’s set his stable star Pushing Shapes for this prep.

Why else would he be lying so hard about his apprentice jockey Chris Graham’s saddle shifting on the horse when the Irish kid rode it dead on Saturday, when there was no slipping or sliding at all?

Perhaps because unlike in the Vega One affair, Pearce has also been called into the inquiry into the running and handling of Pushing Shapes in Perth on Saturday afternoon?

I strongly suspect that is the case, and then the questions beg –

(a) Why is one person of interest in a matter speaking publicly about it before it’s heard?


(b) Why he is trying to deflect all blame to the apprentice?

Yes, Pearce is making a half-hearted attempt to blame the saddle, but that’s total bullshit, and unless he’s a moron then surely he knows it.

Nah, what he’s really trying to do – under the advice I imagine of a PR person like me – is to frame the pull-up debate so that only one person appears in the frame, and that person is the jockey not him.

It’s a pretty low act, I reckon.

Not calling the trainer of the low-weighted favorite for a Group 1 Handicap in, and leaving a raw-boned kid to take the rap, is I reckon even lower.

That sort of carry on isn’t condoned up here north of Airlie Beach, just as it isn’t in Perth.

You weak-gutted southerners need to start sorting yourselves out, or I will send Robbie down and he will.


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