So Hot She’s Scalding – Maddysen Sears is the New Gai Waterhouse and Sheila Laxon, All Rolled Up in One


I am becoming more and more convinced by the day that the young Toowoomba rookie trainer Maddysen Sears is the greatest horse handling bird since Gai.

How else can you explain the sudden super-success of the Sears stable, when her professional partner Tony – who also happens to be her Dad – has been at the training game for 26 long years without ever scaling the strike rate heights that the newly formed company run by he and the Magnificent Miss M are right now?

The pair trained five winners at Toowoomba yesterday, and could easily have landed another two with a modicum of luck, and a bit more effort from one of their riders. That swag of winners takes the stable’s provincial strike rate to 32% for the season, an extraordinary number for a team bolstered only by the addition of a co-trainer who until late last year had never prepared horses in her life, and was working in an office.

Now with Maddysen on board the team is returning winners at a higher rate than even Ben Currie ever did, even at his absolute peak. It’s just incredible.

I don’t know how Maddysen Sears does it, and I don’t know anything about rumours that she has a secret pond pull of magic potion, and a bunch of electric fairy sticks, hidden in a mystical unicorn playground up at Charlton. I’m just a mug punter living in a forest in Far North Queensland, people like me aren’t to know such things.

What I do know is that Ms M Sears in the greatest young Australian talent of the 21st Century.

All she and her Dad have to do is keep on keeping clean and/or ducking the QRIC, and the racing heaven and stars are theirs.

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