Was the Racing Queensland Improperly Constituted For Three Years? – Was Mark ‘Blue Sky’ Sowersby Ever Eligible to Be a Member of the Board – Oh Dear, Houston I Think We May Have a Problem


This is the qualifying criteria for a person to become an appointed racing industry member of the Racing Queensland board.

Take note of (a).

The person must be an eligible individual.

This is what the term eligible individual means.


As you can clearly see – but the then Qld Racing Minister Grace ‘Gee Gee’ Grace couldn’t – to be eligible to be appointed as a racing industry member of the Racing Queensland board, a person cannot be licensed by the commission.

The commission is the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, otherwise known the as QRIC.


Who is a person that is licensed by QRIC?

An owner of a horse.


Who is a license holder?

An owner of a horse.


Who is Mark Sowersby?

He is a spiv.

What else is he?

A snake oil salesman.


See Blue Sky Alternative Investments.

What else was he.

A member of the Racing Queensland board.

Was he an individual eligible for membership of the board?


Why not?

Because he was the owner of racehorses at the time he was appointed to the board, and as such was a person licensed by the commission.


What does this mean?

Bad news for Racing Queensland I would suggest, particularly when the lawyers for aggrieved persons such as jockeys, trainers and owners of Alligator Blood begin challenging decisions made under rules implemented or adopted by the statutory body in  charge of racing in the State, rules such as the Australian Rules of Racing, or the local racing rules of Queensland.

Why is it bad news?

Because rules passed, adopted of endorsed by board members who are not actually eligible to sit at the directors table are often ruled unenforceable by the courts.

What happens if the Rules of Racing, as they apply to Queensland, are ruled by the courts to be invalid?


Oh dear.


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