Keep Your Powder Dry, Never Shoot Your John Roscoe Early and Into Your Foot, and Always Declare Your Inherent Conflicts of Interest – You Just Might Find Yourself Helping Ben Currie to Get Off if You Don’t


I’m not sure how many of you remember which interstate based and/or foreign owned  Queensland-centred stables led the chorus of cries for Ben Currie to be outed from the game about this time last year.

To refresh your memory, twelve months ago the QRIC had thrown seventeen kitchen sinks at Currie and missed every time, and with the appointment of the new Queensland Police Commissioner quickly approaching, the the Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett having his hat firmly in the ring, certain people were very keen to have Benjamin scrubbed, so that they may appear strong, decisive leaders at a time that mattered.

Mattered for people like them, anyway.

So out rolled a conspiracy, and out rolled the ventriloquist dolls.

Racing Queensland, the QRIC and the QPS racing squad coppers hand-picked by – and thus loyal to – Barnett got their heads together and dreamed up an outrageous scheme to invoke never before used special powers by Racing Queensland to refuse nominations for Ben Currie stable runners, the theory being that if you couldn’t get him through playing by the rules, you’d simply bend them.

Then they’d back it up by having the arrogant upstart arrested on trumped up criminal charges of supposed aggravated fraud, just so that the tough guys who wanted to be seen to be getting tough on bad guys in racing could not only show off their muscles, but rip off their shirts and flex and squeeze their big guns too.

All they needed was a shrill chorus of rabbit-punching cocksuckers from within the industry to act as advance cheerleaders, and off they could go.

Enter David Hayes and Aquis.


No-one ever told us that the thoroughbred representative on the Racing Queensland board who voted to knock Currie’s nominations out was, or had been, in business with the Tornado’s two primary outspoken industry critics.



Don’t you reckon they should have told us?

Or that Blue Sky Sowersby should have declared a conflict of interest, and stepped out of the board meeting that passed the resolution to kill Ben Currie’s career dead?

Of course they should have.

The fix was in.

This is Queensland, and the conspiracy involved cops.

In those circumstances up here the fix is always in, it goes without saying, just as the same applies to the craven attempt to shut this writer down by arresting him on multiple counts of stalking, all for penning a few stories, and just to try to make me look like a psycho-sexual sicko shunt instead of the astute researcher and writer that I am, who was smack bang on the money.

They don’t play by the Queensberry Rules north of the Tweed.

It doesn’t matter.

What goes around comes around, and these days I don’t play by them any longer either.

If only Mr Barnett’s handbag carriers had listened to Archie Butterfly when I had told them six months before that the Katarina Carroll appointment was a dundeel, and thaty Ross the Boss was no hope of stepping into the vert successful winning punter Terry Lewis’s former shoes, they might not have bothered.

But they did, and the die was cast.

David Hayes and Tony Fung played their allotted roles as the forward advance stooges, and they didn’t tell anyone about they or their family’s business dealings with Racing Queensland board member Mark Sowerby either.

I suspect that their poor decisions are going to come back to haunt them.

Those blue days, all of them gone;

Nothing but bluer skies, from now on.

Always keep your powder dry punters.

One day you just might want to shoot back.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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