If Baytlee Nothdurft Got Three Months For a Hook on Vega One, How Long Should Robbie Fradd Cop For Murder on Joymaker?

On Thursday Brisbane’s leading jockey Baytlee Nothdurft was suspended for rest of the season after the Stewards quite rightly found him guilty of failing to allow the lightly-weighted Stradbroke Handicap favourite Vega One to run on its merits first-up in a crap race at the Sunshine Coast .

The Stipes didn’t say it, but there is only one reason that a young man like Nothdurft would perform such a rule-breaking act, that being that someone told him that he had to do it. I’m not talking gun at a head or break your legs stuff, but rather a simple sentence that goes something like “Hey kid, do you want to ride a Straddie winner? Then ….. “

So it’s $1.10 that Nothdurft gave Vega One an easy run not for any nefarious betting purpose, but rather so that he could keep the ride on the horse in the big one.

The Kelly Schweida trained benchmark 70 galloper Joymaker certainly won’t be running in any Group 1 handicaps anytime soon, so there is only one reason I can think of that Robbie Fradd might have ridden the horse dead in race 5 at the Gold Coast yesterday if he did, and that – in an utterly hypothetical sense of course – is because it had been backed off the map from $8.50 into $3.60 while all the other runners blew, and it was in his or some other person’s interest for it to get beaten.


It’s a free world, and we all have our own opinions, so you watch the replay at the top yourself, and form an opinion about R. Fradd’s riding tactics on Joymaker for yourself.

If you come back to me after you watch the race, and try to tell me that Joymaker was ridden on its merits, I will however laugh at you.

The Steward or Stewards who keep protecting Fradd, by failing to question the jockey about his highly dubious rides on shorties, already have.

Laughed at you, that is.

They did it again today.




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