Blue Sky Mark Sowerby May Be Gone – But His Legacy Lives On – Or Off, Whichever Way You Choose to Look at It


I’m sure that it is nothing other than a sheer coincidence that a company once owned and directed by deposed Racing Queensland board member Mark ‘Blue Sky’ Sowersby, was once in partnership with an S. Wilson, which just so happens to be the first initial and surname of the Chairman of the RQ board, Mr Steve ‘Whirlwind’ Wilson.

I am also certain that the decisions of the Racing Queensland board to do this, that and the other to bend over and accommodate the wishes of Hong Kong Tony Fung – the shady businessman who for reasons still unknown and unexplained, but are rumoured to have something to do with 24 hour laundromats, refused to undertake the required probity checks when he wanted to buy a casino license – have nothing at all do with Blue Sky Sowerby’s interests past and present in Blue Sky Bloodstock, and company that appears to do a hell of a lot of business with Hong Kong Tony’s company Acquis.


After all, it would be absolutely improper for a board member of the Principal Racing Authority to have undeclared business interests with a company that was the beneficiary of millions of dollars of Racing Queensland funding, concessions or subsidies.

Wouldn’t it?


No, there is no way that could happen.

Blue Sky is too much of a stand up guy.

I think.

One thing I don’t understand though is why in 2016, when the Minister appointed Blue Sky to the board, she said that he had thirty years experience in the thoroughbred industry.

That would have meant Blue Sky had started punting or owning horses when he was just fourteen years of age.

Isn’t that illegal?


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