He’s Just a Kid


Brisbane’s leading jockey Baylee Nothdurft – who until a couple of weeks ago was at unbackable odds to become the first apprenticeĀ  in decades to wear the all comers metro premiership crown – fronts up to the Stewards this morning to face the music about his horrendously ugly ride recently on Straddie aspirant Vega One.

In an article published recently on this site I warned people that Nothdurft was becoming too big for his breeches, and needed to pull his head in, put it down and get his arse up if he wanted to make it to the big time.

Sadly too many people have too big a slice in the kids earnings to see what was blindly apparent to the rest of us. In racing, when a boy who is paying 25% – 35% percent of his winnings to someone else is winning, nothing else really matters, not even the kid.

If the Stewards are fair dinkum, then Baylee Nothdurft’s season is all but over, and his dreams will be turned into dust.

There’s no reasonable explanation for his steer on Vega One. The horse would have won if he had allowed it to run on his merits. That’s the bitter truth, full stop.

The question is not whether Baylee will sink or swim, but whether the Stewards will allow apprentice Nothdurft to sink on his own.

There was nothing really in for him in making sure that Vega One didn’t win first up. He might have stuffed it up by being far too obvious, but clearly there were others with more to gain who must have told him it to give the horse a real soft run, and to make sure that it didn’t win.

Who were these people?

I don’t know.

It’s the Stewards responsibility to ask the right questions, so they can give us an answer.

Will they?

It’s probably a million to one.

Poor bloody Baylee.

FFS, he’s just a kid.

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